Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Many of you with ME/CFS and/or Lyme Disease will be following the duplicity which is unfolding since the discovery of XMRV and where better to hear what is going on than Hillary Johnson's blog Osler's web.

One of her latest posts a must read here

One of our Lyme Warriors Virginia Sherr MD had this to say to Hillary.

Dear Hillary, Your comments comprise a priceless treasure for the thousands of currently suffering CFS people and for those who will be added to their numbers in the future. Thanks for your guts and true grit. I am aware that you have knowledge of the current Lyme Wars, as well. One of many things that both of our groups have in common is that neither the leaders nor rank-and-file patients in either community has truly been allowed to be part of the solution. Instead, those afflicted are, against all human reasoning, offered only derision not compassion. And, patients are expected to remain in and accept as natural, their various states of agony. So familiar is this to what both the newly-named Lyme Complex as well as what CFS patients endure. As is taught in my field {psychiatry), here is what is typical of "psychopathy": perpetrators have a profound lack of compassion for any other’s feelings of misery and a total lack of empathy for their suffering. Yet this is what we see played out on the part of the very portion of the U. S. Government and its cooperating agencies that are sworn to care about the suffering of the citizenry on a public scale. So, added to CFS agony there is that of the hundreds of thousands of tick-bitten folks who have now late-stage Lyme, a Complex of persistent tick-borne infections but whose government’s only response is to continue to hide the epidemic. I wonder if our current President is aware of the magnitude of these larger-than-the-Oil Spill problems. Or is it as was true with our previous president’s personal Lyme infection, have his handlers hidden the epidemic from him too?
- Virginia T. Sherr, MD

Virginia Sherr has written many good articles on Lyme Disease some of which can be accessed here

More news on FDA/NIH STUDY from PNAS here at CFS Central

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