Thursday, 8 July 2010


Well done BBC Wales for showing this program, thank you to Kathy and Louisa Morgan for raising awareness. Thank you Wendy Fox for her tireless efforts to raise awareness of this horrible illness. Wendy Fox is one of the founder members of BADA UK Charity, Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness UK.

Also in the news recently

Wales On line article here below are two short extracts

WALKERS are being warned to take a series of simple precautions in a bid to prevent them contracting Lyme disease.
The incidence of Lyme disease, which is spread by infected ticks, has been steadily rising, but awareness remains low among the general public and employers.

It can cause a range of symptoms, the most common being a rash called erythema migrans, which has a distinctive bullseye pattern.
The rash can cover a large area and last for weeks if untreated. Some patients may also have flu-like symptoms.
The most common complications of untreated Lyme borreliosis affect the nervous system, usually within a few weeks to months of infection. They include facial palsy, viral-like meningitis and radiculitis, which is a nerve inflammation that can lead to pain, disturbance of sensation or clumsiness of movement.
Ticks acquire the bacteria when they feed on birds or mammals that carry the organism in their blood. Although deer do not carry Lyme disease they help to maintain tick populations because they are important feeding hosts for adult ticks.

Lyme disease can infact cause a multitude of symptoms affecting all areas of the body generally caused by inflammation, by following the many links on this blog you can learn more about the symptoms of Lyme Disease.

My own symptoms were mainly arthritis and muscle weakness but some Peripheral Neuropathies, twitching and tingling sensations and the scariest symptom swallowing difficulties, Dysphargia. I had a constant sore throat which lasted years with no let up but mainly on one side, most peculiar. All gone now since long term antibiotic treatment following ILADS Guidelines

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