Saturday, 3 July 2010


This link is to part of an interview with Eva Sapi here

During the interview Eva Sapi talks about the nutritious requirements for Borrelia being quite significant, she says when we culture Borrelia in the lab, we need to use a very rich media.

She says the brain is an organism very juicy, perfect for Borrelia.

Dr Macdonald and Dr Judith Miklossy both found spirochetes in the brain especially on plaques (they also found the DNA for Borrelia in the brain's of patients that had died of Alzheimer's).

Dr Sapi talks about the many different forms of Borrelia at least 6 -7 forms. Spirochetes, cystic form, bio films, granular forms and countless pleomorphic forms.

Dr Sapi's team are looking at what infections ticks can carry and have found that Mycoplasma is carried by 84% of ticks. Treatment for Mycoplasma can be very many months. Another organism found in ticks is Filarial Nematodes.

Enough of my comments do watch the video

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