Sunday, 2 December 2012


At the 2012 ILADS conference Mason Kuhn did a most excellent presentation 

Scientific Support for the Effectiveness of Treating Children Comorbid with Lyme Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mason Kuhn, MS & Robert C. Bransfield, MD

A preview and his slide show can be seen on the ILADS website here a further livestream event will be held for Europe on Saturday 8th December and 9th December details here  
Mason's wife has started a blog of their son's journey - Our Lyme Autism Journey here with links to the published research from her husband Mason Kuhn and Dr Bransfield.

My simple summary of his presentation
Child A  normal until 18 months 
loss of all vocabulary, hand flapping - diagnosed with Autism
about  a year later Mother with CFS diagnosis of many years gets diagnosed with Lyme Disease - Child A also gets diagnosed with Lyme Disease ( Dr Alan MacDonald has done studies and found Lyme Disease (Borrelia) in aborted fetus and also umbilical chord)
Amoxycillin antibiotics given to Child A within 10 days vocabulary returned and hand flapping ceased - other antibiotics were given later.

Someone in the audience asked the question about vaccination - I think the answer was that it was after his MMR vaccine that his Autism began.

My comments
There is quite a high incidents of mothers with CFS who have children with Autism.
Samuel Shor has published research about cases of CFS who actually have Lyme Disease - he also presents at ILADS conference on his CFS/Lyme research but there is a post on this blog to another presentation from Samuel Shor here
It is recognised that Lyme Disease can remain in our system for many years and then something can affect our immune system and act as a trigger so the patient becomes ill.
Testing for Lyme Disease is problematic
The true incidents of Lyme disease in the population is still not known - here in the UK several research papers suggest that it is likely far more than thought - some of these papers are mentioned on this blog. Health Protection Agency (HPA) recognise the true incidents is greater than those with positive serology and some experts suggest it could be 10x the numbers HPA collect. 

I have posted previously about Treating Autism with antibiotics a study in France here 
Prof Montagnier is taking an interest in this field earlier posts here and here
Dr Jones US has treated many children over many years with Lyme Induced Autism here
Dr Bhakta a Dan practitioner is also finding children with Autism respond to antibiotics  here

Saturday, 1 December 2012


The first case of Lyme Disease that I heard about recorded in the Guildford Surrey area was in 2007, since which time there have been many more cases nearly 30 that I have got to know and no doubt  many more that I won't have heard about and yet there is little effort to warn the general public or advise our clinicians.

This recent news hopefully will help eventually translate into action to raise awareness among clinicians and the public.

'According to Marm Kilpatrick, who studies the ecology of infectious diseases at the University of California, Santa Cruz, a broad range of human activities can affect the spread of zoonotic diseases. In an article in the December 1 issue of the British medical journal Lancet, Kilpatrick and coauthor Sarah Randolph of the University of Oxford describe how widespread land-use change, globalization of trade and travel, and social upheaval are driving the emergence of zoonotic vector-borne diseases around the world. The article is part of a special series of papers focused on emerging zoonotic diseases.'

'The incidence of any vector-borne disease involves a complex interplay of multiple factors affecting animal hosts, vectors, and people. Kilpatrick and Randolph emphasize that control of these diseases requires combined efforts by clinicians and public health officials to treat patients, promote behavior likely to minimize the risk of infection, and advise on efforts to reverse the ecological drivers of transmission through vector control, urban planning, and ecological restoration.'

Scienec Codex here 

Lancet here

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