Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I posted earlier Dr Bransfield's response to the IDSA decision over their review of the IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines. click here

Presentations to IDSA review can be found on

Stephen Phillips presented 25 studies of seronegativity and persistent infection, Phillips highlights on 18 occasions where IDSA 2006 authors were actually involved in that research confirming seronegativity and persistent infection yet failed to include it in their Guidelines. At the end of the presentations to review panel the chairwoman asked Steere to comment, what was his answer OPINION, Opinion is what is driving these guidelines and leaving thousands of patients the world over without diagnosis and treatment that can help.

How many people suffer from Arthritis, Muscle weakness, Neurological problems, fatigue, Psychosis, digestive problems, brain fog, cognitive difficulties and get diagnosed with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, MN, Parkinson's, ADHD, OCD without their doctors considering if it could be Lyme Disease.

Ticktalk Ireland has just posted a very useful link to a pdf on her blog that presents many studies on seronegativity and persistent infection, it highlights where the IDSA guideline authors were themselves involved in that research yet failed to include in their guidelines. click here

Whilst our health authorities cherry pick science to support their opinions patients suffer.


  1. Joanne,

    Many thanks for your post on my blog, reading your blog is certainly educating. I wasn't aware how little people were actually aware of Lyme Disease throughout the country from walkers all the way through to doctors and healthcare workers. I am really sorry to read of your story, something that could have been largely avoided through early diagnosis.

    May I ask that I post a link to your blog from mine as a follow up to my previous post in an attempt to raise awareness to Lyme Disease?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Rich
    Thank you for your comment and yes please do post a link on your blog the more awareness the better.