Thursday, 22 July 2010


In the early stages of my illness I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I had migrating Arthralgias. As my symptoms deteriorated I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, then Arthritis and muscle Weakness and eventually Polymyalgia Rheumatica and put on steroids. Clearly steroids reduced the inflammation I had throughout most of my joints and muscles and enabled me to struggle on working although on very much reduced hours.

It wasn't until a chance course of antibiotics significantly improved my symptoms that led my GP to suspect Lyme disease. Later this was confirmed clinically by an expert and the recovery from chronic debilitating health on long term antibiotics has given me my life back again.

Because of my earlier ME/CFS diagnosis and the fact that many patients with ME/CFS are found to have Lyme Disease, I take an interest in this illness and the problems patients have.

A recent post on CFS Central blog found here gives an excellent catalogue of events A COMMOTION IN THE BLOOD by Mindy Kitei do visit this blog for a detailed read of what has been going on.


  1. Researchers Need Help from Lyme Disease diagnosed people! There are a number of research organizations attempting to better understand Lyme disease as well as to develop better diagnostic test kits. On the diagnostics side, biotechnology companies like SeraCare Life Sciences and BioSpecialties Corporation run a number of diagnostics research studies for people diagnosed with Lyme Disease, paying participants $400+ to donate blood samples which are used to develop Lyme Disease diagnostics test kits (see: On the research side, Columbia University, and the Lyme Disease Research Foundation of Maryland are researching the proteomics, diagnostics, and epidemiology of Lyme Disease. On the clinical trial side, the National Institute of Health' sponsor a number of clinical trials.

    There are many programs out there where you can GET PAID to help Lyme Research, the most active of which are below:

  2. For daily up-to-date information of Lyme Disease research, check out this Twitter List:

  3. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness! As a fibro/chronic pain person, I'm grateful. It's important that people who have fibromyalgia be carefully screened for Lyme Disease because of the similarity in symptoms.