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Watch out for ticks & Lyme disease now the warm weather is here

07/06/2010 12:13:44

Lyme disease on the increase in the UK

Soon summer will be in full swing and many of us will be spending more time wildlife watching, walking, climbing, cycling and camping. Few, however, will be aware of, or indeed prepared for, the hidden danger of tick bites and what can come with them - Lyme disease.
The highest risk period for tick bites is from May to October when the tick is most active and feeding.
Ticks - tiny (the size of a full stop on an A4 page) blood-sucking parasites - are present in woods, moors and parks throughout the UK; London parks are no exception, and tick numbers are on the rise due to changing habitats and climate. Lyme disease, caused by the bite of an infected tick, is also on the rise, and is found throughout North America, across the UK and Europe, and Scandinavia - so it's important for everyone, at home and on holiday, to know what to look out for and to seek early treatment if necessary.

What is Lyme disease and what are its symptoms? Lyme disease is caused by the bite of an infected tick and causes a wide range of symptoms which may include a circular red "bull's eye" rash, headaches, a stiff neck, extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and disturbances of sight, hearing, digestive system and sleep.

My comments on the above article included :-

It took 5 doctors and 3 Rheumatologist 4 years to diagnose me. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Arthritis, Musculo skeletal disease, and eventually Lyme Disease. A chance course of antibiotics significantly improved my symptoms and led my GP to suspect Lyme Disease. There had been other cases of Lyme disease at my surgery. I had presented at the surgery at times of bites, bulls eye rashes, summer flu and migrating arthralgias before chronic illness and disability set in all had been documented on my records.

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