Friday, 1 May 2015


Dr. Edward Breitschwerdt on Bartonellosis - NorVect 2014

Dr. Breitschwerdt talked about Bartonella at the NorVect conference 2014. This is an excerpt of his presentation: Bartonellosis: A One Health Approach to An Emerging Infectious Disease To see all the presentations from both conference days, go to 

The full presentation is well worth watching with fascinating insights and research that is being done on Bartonella an infection known about for 100 years but very difficult to culture and test for, commonly referred to as cat scratch disease and considered a mild and self limiting disease, Dr Breitschwerdt is finding that is not always the case.
Details of the Norvect Conference 2014 and 2015

In his presentation Dr Breitschwerdt  talks about the difficulties he had in funding his research hence his involvement now with Galaxy Diagnostics 

You can follow some of the interesting developments through Galaxy Diagnostics Facebook page 

I posted previously about Bartonella 

Links to research papers by Dr Breitschwerdt click here

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