Monday, 4 May 2015


Three new Lyme Disease tests on the horizon

DNA Sequence Testing

DNA sequencing-based tests for Lyme disease and Lyme disease-like Borrelioses

DNA sequencing, namely the Sanger sequencing technology, is the commonly used “gold standard” for validation of the results of all other nucleic acid-based clinical tests. Ötzi the Iceman who died 5,300 years ago had Lyme disease which was diagnosed in 2012 by DNA sequencing of the genomic DNA remnants of Borrelia burgdorferi preserved in the cadaver. We are using the same approach to diagnose 
Lyme disease and Lyme disease-like borrelioses when the pathogens are still in the blood, in the joint fluid or in the cerebrospinal fluid of a patient. This technology is especially useful in testing for Borrelia miyamotoi infections because its “diagnosis currently relies on the use of tests to detect DNA of the organism”, as stated in a CDC guideline [3]. 

'Researchers at Columbia University are beginning a study of a new test for early Lyme disease.
The study is examining SpiroFind, a test developed in the Netherlands.' 
"The nice thing about this test — if it works as we anticipate it will — is that you will be able to identify active infections in patients in early disease," said Dr. Brian Fallon, director of the Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center at Columbia University. "Right now, the tests are only 30-50 percent sensitive in early disease."
This was published by the Poughkeepsie Journal last year. 

Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test (Nanotrap® LA Test)

There is a critical need for a fast, reliable, and accurate Lyme disease test

  • The Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen (LA) Test is a novel, high sensitivity, DIRECT test for Lyme that will provide valuable information to assist a physician in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease at most stages of infection.

  • Unlike other clinical Lyme disease tests that are INDIRECT, the Nanotrap® LA Test is a non-invasive test that provides highly sensitive and specific direct detection of the Lyme antigen, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), in a patient’s urine sample.

  • The Nanotrap® LA Test can provide valuable information, at anytime in the infection cycle, about the presence of the Bb antigen when used at the time of initial infection, during and after a course of treatment, and in some cases of recurrent disease.

"The winds," says Dr. Richard Horowitz, medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, "are starting to change."
Horowitz believes that in the coming years, research will reveal that a vast number of other conditions commonly viewed as being distinct — such as arthritis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — are linked to Lyme.
Dr. Kenneth Liegner, a Pawling-based internist, said treatments will also depend on better tests.

The above is an interesting article in the Poughkeepsie Journal link to the full article

Dr Brian Fallon Key note speaker at a Public Health England meeting in March 2015 said that these are exciting times, regarding research into Lyme Disease. He said that there were one or two promising tests being developed.

The consequences of finding a reliable test for Lyme Disease could have a huge impact on the management of treatment for Lyme disease patients throughout the World.


  1. I have heard not to put all our hopes in this test... it may not be the dream answer

  2. Hi Lois P I am not sure which test you refer to but yes anyway because we still have no gold standard test 100% to find infection or rule it out. If we do get some better tests that would be a start - if we could stop more falling into the depths of this disease that would be a start and I think from what I remember of a talk about Spirofind it may be more effective in early disease.
    I'd love the Nanotrap technology to be good as it finds active disease and that is much needed in late disease.
    What a pity bench side microscopy is so dismissed by mainstream and yet so often used with other difficult organisms - I don't but the excuse it is not present in the blood or else why would xenodiagnosis have worked with the animal and human study maybe not in great numbers but those practising methods similar to Dr MacDonald seem to have verifiable results.

  3. My wife took the Nano Trap test after 10 months of antibiotics. Shes cleared the bacteria. The test works. Shes healing. There is no other test for live Lyme.

  4. Thanks for your comment, it does sound like an interesting and promising test.