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a2zmedia 23 August 2009
This video clip was put together to demonstrate to Norwegian broadcasters what problem Lyme Disease is and how it can affect your life if not treated. For more information about our project, please go to

Below is a translation from a newspaper article on Eivind's struggles not just with Borreliosis but with his medical Authorities.

The original article and further video can be seen here

Lived at ten years of death sentence after the tick bite
The state says Eivind Markhus (45) has the deadly disease ALS. Although he is convinced that a tick bite have linked him to the wheelchair.

Living in a wheelchair: Eivind Markhus (45) was formerly an active player on Strømsgodset A-team. This video reportage made a few weeks before the trial in summer 2007. Video: Anja Nygren Lohne
Borreliosis Lyme
The most common tick-borne disease is Lyme borreliosis. It is caused by a bacterium. The disease should be treated with antibiotics. There is no vaccine against borreliosis. • So far this year is 59 Norwegians diagnosed with severe Lyme borreliosis. • In 2007, 328 people registered with complicated borelliasykdom, in 2008 346 persons and 273 persons in 2009. • Most cases of this tick disease occurs in coastal areas on both sides of the outer Oslofjord, Telemark and Agder counties. Kilde: MSIS og Folkehelseinstituttet Source: MSIS and Public Health

Communicate via PC: The disease has weakened speech and Eivind Markhus communicate better through e-mail.

In the summer of 2007 lost Eivind Markhus compensation case he had filed against the state by Pasientskade Committee in Oslo District Court. The court did not agree that a failure treated neuro-borreliosis after tick bites have linked him to the wheelchair. Now the 45-year-old ready for the rematch in the Borgarting Court of Appeal, the appeal is scheduled in late June 2011. - Now, health-Norway to accept that I have Borrelia and ALS, "says Markhus the way he does best, via e-mail.

Former football player Within a few years the 45-year-old from a well-trained athlete, who played 13 First Division appearances for Strømsgodset in 1987, to be completely paralyzed and completely dependent on the wheelchair. Norwegian doctors have given him a diagnosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a nerve disease with fatal outcome. Foreign experts believe he has an active Borrelia infection in the body that mimic ALS. Eivind Markhus think he would have had a different health situation today if the Norwegian doctors earlier had put him on høydosebehandling with antibiotics for a long time.
Denied compensation Director Rose-Marie Christiansen in Pasientskade Committee say they maintain their argument from the court process where the board argued that it is "unlikely that the patient's disease, ALS is caused by borreliosis. If the disease still be triggered by tick bacterium, said Pasientskade Committee that the hospital acted properly regardless of the basis of available knowledge at that time. Eivind Markhus was given three, four years left to live in 2001, but has made the death sentence to shame. He lives now in the tenth year of his ALS diagnosis, without the need for breathing assistance, which is very unusual. Markhus am sure that antibiotic treatment he got against neuro borreliosis in the USA in 2003 slowed the disease and saved his life. He is optimistic ahead of the appeal, referring to an article in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association in May 2008 where it is established that Borrelia in rare cases can cause an "illness resembling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. - When the experts of the Respondent now admits that Borrelia can mimic ALS, and even wrote a fagartikkel about it, I stated. This did not believe these experts last time when I said this, " From 2000 until today, the Norwegian Patients (NPE) received 28 cases concerning delayed or incorrect treatment of Borrelia / borreliosis. . It is only given under the two cases, while 26 cases are rejected.

ALS is referred to as Motor Neurons in the UK.

I have posted before about Dr Martz incredible story recovering from ALS or Motor Neurons diagnosed by John Hopkins Neurologist but found to be caused by Borrelia, Lyme disease. His presentations at the 2010 London ILADS conference were amazing as were his findings from the clinic he opened where he treated patients with Multiple Sclerosis, ALS/Motor Neurons and Parkinson's. Soon to be available on DVD. For earlier posts on Dr Martz put Dr Martz into the search box in the right hand column or click here

With my experience and knowing about Dr Martz findings I was able to encourage a local man who had been diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica like myself and then later Parkinson's, to see a specialist in tick borne diseases. He has now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease -already he is responding well to antibiotics.


  1. Update (Google Translate)
    In November I sent blood samples to the Advanced Laboratory Services, USA. This laboratory has developed a revolutionary direct test by growing the bacterium Borrelia. This means that detects forms of life and one uses DNA sequencing to determine the type (genospieces) of Borrelia bacteria. This is very important because no laboratory can create life in the cultivation process. So cultivating 100%. No hopeless discussions about indirect antibody tests, which is an interpretation! A positive culture evidence is unassailable and can not be challenged.
    challenge of this test is that it has low sensitivity. Advanced Laboratory Services have found a method to increase sensitivity by ° monoclonal and polyclonal technique. We try to get to such tests in Norway and we have held for a long time, but have not been able to get to some things.
    I have "worked" with the lab since November, where my job is to find opportunities to send blood samples within 24 h , transport, customs, packaging, etc. I feel a bit like pioneers because I was the first foreigner who send samples to the laboratory.
    My trial was set for cultivation in 8 weeks and came back POSITIVE! This result ranges legs under the Directorate of Health recommendations and guidelines that doctors use as diagnostics for Borrelia!
    I hope that politicians will answer me this time. These tests will end all discussions about borrelia diagnosis, so that more people get help .. Now I had discovered Borrelia DNA by two different laboratories, positive antibodies in serology tests, but I will not be believed.
    course I expect no answer as usual. This is a shame because when one takes this social problem is not serious. APPENDIX anyway a press release from the laboratory in an email. Eivind Markhus Blentenborgveien 7 3031 Drammen

    Advanced Laboratory Services, Inc. is a state of the art laboratory located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to core laboratory testing, including chemistry, hematology, UA and full microbiological capabilities, we also offer specialized testing utilizing microscopy, immunological assay and ELISA methods. Our patients range from those concerned with basic health to diagnosing fatigue and screening for infectious pathogens from viral to bacteriological.

    We need these tests available throughout every country.

  3. It is with great sadness that I copy what was posted on Eivind Facebook page today 01/01/17 -
    Eivind Markhus
    2 hrs ·
    Our beloved beautiful, kind, brave dad and husband.. Half five in the night you took your last breath. You've had a strong journey through these 16 years, and you're both hero and role model in our eyes. You've been so strong both mentally and physically so long that it's a real nightmare that this could happen to you. "I win", you wrote. In our eyes you won the fight for liberation of from the wheelchair. Now you're in heaven. We love you all over our heart daddy. Life will no longer be the same without you. We miss you so much. Rest in peace.