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Ending Denial
The Lyme Disease Epidemic
A Canadian Public Health Disaster

A call for action from patients, doctors, researchers and politicians
Edited by Helke Ferrie

Order from Can Lyme details here

I was sent this excellent book by my good friend Alison a fellow Canadian, ex Brit and Lyme sufferer.

It really is the most incredible read and something anyone suffering with Lyme Disease or their carers would find interesting and helpful, whether they lived in or outside Canada and should then be passed on to their doctors.

I have always been a great advocate for Pam Weintraube's book Cure Unknown Inside the Lyme Epidemic and have purchased 4 copies, one for my GP, one for my MP, one to lend to local Lyme patients and one for myself, although that is in the hands of a journalist at present. Pam's book is excellent at helping us understand how medicine and science could have led us into the mess Lyme Disease patients find themselves in. Not just the illness but the denial that makes diagnosis and treatment so elusive.

This new book Ending Denial goes so much further and the title says it all.

The two patient stories one by the Sperling parents on their son's illness and struggles with the health care system and his ultimate recovery from Lyme Disease, followed by that of Linda Laidlaw's daughter's illness and ultimate Lyme Disease diagnosis and recovery, both highlight the journeys so many thousands of patients the World over have. The tragedy especially, when it is our children suffering.

In Linda's circumstances she followed the Sperling son to all the hospitals he had been to and yet they never considered that her daughter could have Lyme Disease, so no lessons learnt there then.

(earlier posts on the Sperling's son and their excellent research can be found by entering Sperling in my search on the right or click here including mention of Linda Laidlaw's daughter here )

Key articles from scientific literature, these detailed research articles on Lyme Disease are fascinating to read and leave the reader in no doubt that the science is there that dismisses the IDSA opinions in their restrictive guidelines and supports the ILADS guidelines.

The Political struggles are like those in USA and many of the European countries. They mirror so much what has been happening here in the UK with many MP's supporting Lyme Disease Action including many front benchers in the current government and my local MP Anne Milton Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Public Health), Health (since 14 May 2010).

The questions about the safety of the blood banks, again an International concern.

It says on the cover
This book is for you if, you or a loved one has been diagnosed with
Multiple Sclerosis
ALS (Motor Neurons)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Crohn's Disease
Heart Disease

because these and other diseases can also be caused by Chronic Lyme Infection.

Of the above list I am in touch personally with at least one patient with each of those diagnosis and then found it to be Lyme Disease. The only exception being Alzheimer's, but then as research has found the DNA for Borrelia in the brain's of patients who have died of Alzheimer's I think that says it all. See Judith Miklossy's work here

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