Saturday, 10 March 2012


Interview in French (with English subtitles) of Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, on the importance of detecting infections which may be at the root of chronic illness.

Pr Montagnier on Lyme Disease, Autism and chronic infections.

 'Chronic illnesses are not only illnesses of elderly people'

 'So it is an illness that has to be taken very seriously'

'I don't want to compare it to AIDS but it's almost like AIDS, in fact this bacteria is a close relative to the Syphilis spirochete, they are in the same family, of course Syphilis is a lot rarer these days but it has now been replaced by Lyme Disease which is not sexually transmitted but through tick bites or from mother to child and there are probably other means of transmission that we are not aware of.'

He calls for a changes in the way the public, doctors and politicians think about chronic illness and the benefits of changes which although initially costly will in the long term reduce health care costs for such illnesses as Alzheimer's, cancer and AIDS.

A further interview conducted following the first but in English and with slightly different conversation.


  1. My daughter is Autistic and in Chronic Pain I've asked for her to be tested for Lyme Disease, Thank You for raising awareness of this. xx

  2. Hello Anonymous you might also like to look at an earlier post in February 'Treating Autism with antibiotics'

    Most importantly you need to understand that testing for lyme is very poor research shows that it can miss up to 50% of cases - even the test manufacturers say that a negative test result does not rule out Lyme.

    For information about Lyme Disease in UK see link to Lyme Disease Action website in right hand column or in US or Canada there are also links to supportive websites.

    Essentially Lyme is a clinical diagnosis here in UK the Breakspear clinic (private) in Hemel Hempstead has helped many people with a Lyme Disease diagnosis but they also treat children with Autism and so may be able to help.
    I did not use the Breakspear but a different doctor however through Eurolyme i have spoken to many who have used the Breakspear. If you do not live in UK then there are specialist doctors in other countries so you need to contact your local charities to find appropriate help.

    Lyme Disease is an emerging disease and so the science is evolving. It is interesting to hear Luc Montagnier talking about many chronic illnesses having underlying infectious causes driving the symptoms. ILADS doctors have been realising for some time that it is rarely just one infection but often many other all working together to make a more complex illness.

    Best wishes but do get as well informed as you can to understand what is going.

  3. Interesting,
    I was diagnosed with a mild form of Asperger-Syndrom last year at the age of 36 for leading a atypical "all my" life.The irony is that in the same year I was also diagnosed with a mild and very early form of an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system,
    at the moment I do not for fill the Multiple sclerosis criteria .I was also checked for Neuroborreliosis but did for fill the criteria for Neuroborreliosis either.
    But I was tested positive for Oligoclonal bands for Lyme in my Serum and Cerebrospinal fluid.The Hospital in Germany said my Lyme may be active or healed, but has absolute nothing to do with my inflammatory disease.
    Naturally I got skeptical that my Lyme values were so clear and high after 20 years.I was actually only missing 0.2 points in my Lyme-Serology from being diagnosed with Neuroborreliosis and this after 20 years"was often bit as a Child and Teen in the woods"...
    I asked the doctors about an interaction between my inflammatory disease&Asperger and Borrelia,but was only laughed at. At the moment I am with a privately paid doctor and talking Antibiotics.

    My serological blood test "In case of interest,even if its in German"

  4. Hi Anon Thank you for posting your story. I expect you realise that blood tests for lyme Disease are very poor and most generalised doctors haven't a clue how to treat or recognise Chronic Lyme disease so it is important to find a Lyme literate medical doctor to help manage your treatment. They can be found through ILADS but in Germany many go to the BCA clinic Good luck with your treatment

  5. Hi, Joanne
    Thanks for your response.
    My current Doctor is a Lyme specialist, I think I am in good hands.
    Its the same phenomenon here in Germany, the vast majority of Doctors do not know how to interpret the results.One neurologist even told my the only thing I have is Internet-Lyme...

  6. hah Anon One Rheumatologist said I had Lyme Neurosis from reading too much on the internet - LOL! we didn't have the Internet at the time and GP was the one who suspected Lyme as there had been several cases with NHS positive serolgy plus early EM rash stage diagnosed at the surgery. GP did not take his letter too kindly.
    Perhaps these days I can be accused of reading too much information but I have made a good recovery on long term antibiotics.
    Best wishes to you for a good recovery.