Thursday, 8 March 2012


Once again the numbers of Lyme Disease cases tested positive in England and Wales increases this time in 2010 to 905. here

Figures for Scotland were 308 in 2010 here

Remembering that this does not reflect the real figure which could according to Dr Ho Yen of HPA in Scotland be 10x that of the number of cases testing positive.

A possible 12130 cases of Lyme Disease in the UK in 2010 and how many of those were treated adequately? How many were missed like my case and left years with deteriorating chronic illness before a correct diagnosis and adequate treatment was given?

How many of those known cases will be followed to see if all their symptoms have resolved months and years later ? For those who still suffer how many will be told - your two weeks low dose antibiotics has cured your infection - now your symptoms must be something else?

Now we know that Lyme disease infection can persist despite 1 month IV antibiotics plus 2 months Doxycycline in non human primates, will our doctors start listening to sense and whilst our symptoms respond to longer courses of antibiotics continue to treat us and watch how we continue to improve.

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