Tuesday, 18 May 2010


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You have 36 hours to act after a tick bite. Do you know what to do? Learn proper tick removal technique and lyme disease prevention.

Lyme Disease Prevention Tips

Cover skin in grassy/wooded areas.

Use insect repellent: 10-30% DEET or a natural alternative, oil of lemon-eucalyptus.

Wear light-colored clothing. It will be easier to spot ticks this way.

Check your pets. They can bring ticks into your home.

Shower! Ticks don’t bite immediately; they walk around the body looking for a “perfect” spot. Showering can preempt the bite. .



  1. The 36 hours of attachment needed to transmit the spirochete is debateable. Some now say 24, some say 4 and some still preach 72 hours needed.

    Also the rash only shows up in approx 50% of those infected AND if there is a classic bullseye rash you must be treated, no waiting for test results, the bullseye rash is classic for Lyme and only Lyme.

    At least Dr Oz finally addressed this seriously and mentioned how early treatment is necessary to prevent serious problems.

  2. Renee Thanks for your comments. Yes I understand even Willy Burgdorfer found Borrelia in tick saliva which after all is the first thing injected into us.
    Also if a tick is disturbed from feeding it will find the next host and can transmit from it's mid gut straight away to the next host.
    Sadly there is so much misinformation fed to our doctors that leaves them in a position where they miss the opportunity to treat an early infection, that's even if the general public is sufficiently aware to even consult their doctors following a tick bite.
    It is however good to get such a public figure presenting in mainstream media, most in all countries are hood winked by IDSA spin and won't take the trouble to see what is under their noses.

  3. A great step in the right direction!
    Not 100% correct but still streets ahead of what Idsa spouts