Tuesday, 8 February 2011


How Tick-Borne Infections & Lyme Disease Contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A power point presentation from Robert C Bransfield MD

presented at the Autism One conference link here


What Causes Autism?
•“Data suggest that autism results from multiple etiologies with both genetic and environmental contributions, which may explain the spectrum of behaviors seen in this disorder.”*

•“Whereas Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are a serious public health threat;…Findings more common in children include autism, Tourette’s syndrome, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, lethargy, and a decline in grades, tantrums;…” Bransfield, Fallon, Raxlen, Shepler, Sherr
“A Modest Proposal,” Psychiatric News (Newspaper of the APA), Vol. XXXIII, Number 18, September 18, 1998, p. 16.

Opinion of Dr Burrascano•

“It is my contention that Autism is an inflammatory encephalitis cause by a pathogen such as Bartonella or Mycoplasma. I share the view that Bartonella/BLO is a major infection that may eclipse Bb as the ultimate cause of the morbidity in chronic Lyme. Mycoplasma too is a major concern of mine- in reviewing my 7000+ cases, those patients who were relentlessly chronic all, at one point or another in their illness, were PCR + for Mycoplasma.”


  1. Thanks for this article but will you please explain more why it contributed to AUTISM. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sue

    Sorry I am no expert you will have to read the links I have given and watch the presentations also put Autism in the search box and you will find other links to articles about Lyme induced Autism.