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'We shouldn't accept chronic mental illnesses as something that is there we can prevent it, treat it and understand it better.' Dr Robert Bransfield 

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Dr. Robert Bransfield provided this very informative talk on the psychiatric and neuropsychiatric manifestations of tick-borne diseases at the "Symposium on Tick-borne Diseases" held on May 17, 2014 at the Hyatt in Cambridge, Maryland. The conference was hosted by the Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing educational resources on tick-borne diseases. We are 100% dependent upon donations to continue providing educational resources such as this video. Please consider supporting our efforts. LDAESM, P.O. Box 5360, Salisbury, MD 21802 Thank you!

Interesting to hear that Lyme induced Autism often tests positive on Bands 31 and 34 - these two bands were removed from the two tier testing, due to conflicts with vaccine production - but as Dr Bransfield says in the presentation this raises great concerns in the use of the Outer surface proteins ( linked to bands 31 and 34) in vaccine production and it's possible bearing on the Autism epidemic being escalated even further. 

'The two tier testing used for Lyme Disease is useless it's dangerous.'

'Immune mediated effects of Lyme/Tick borne diseases contributes to cognitive impairments, dementia, depression, anxiety, Autism, violence and other psychiatric illnesses.'

'We have insights into preventing a lot of chronic diseases, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering violence death - and particularly the Autism.'

Good to listen to Dr Bransfield once again - I have heard him present in the UK on two occasions. 

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