Friday, 9 November 2012


Dr Alan MacDonald talking on Lyme net Europe following the 2012 ILADS conference  link here 

'The German Borreliosis Society and Dr Armin Schwartzbach have told me that 

One Million New cases of Lyme borreliosis were 

recorded for residents of Germany, based on public data released from

 Payments by German Health insurance companies for calendar year 2012.

ESTIMATES for China are between 20,000 to 30,000 

new cases of Lyme Borreliosis annually 

with statements that the true numbers of Chinese cases is ,like in the 

USA a ten to 20 fold multiple of the ESTIMATED NUMBERS.]'

Part of Dr MacDonald's presentation can also be found through the above link.

The full 146 slide version has been copyright transferred to ILADS and will be

 rebroadcast with the entire videotaped program via streaming video in the Web

 on Dec 1,2 - freely to all to view. 

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  1. Wow, one million! Do you know which guidelines German doctors are applying in making this diagnosis?

    I know the number of actual cases of Lyme disease we have in the US is many times higher than the number which is actually reported. I have to wonder how many cases of Lyme disease there really are in the UK compared to the number which has been reported. What IS the number of UK Lyme disease cases reported annually?

    1. I know no more than was in the post on Lymenet - that it was collated from the Insurance payments although did notice a breakdown of areas by someone else posting. I did hear that one of the German Lyme specialists was regularly being consulted by main stream doctors on how best to treat Lyme so guess it is just a matter of time before Germany will put it's brain in gear. As to UK head in the sand as always despite emerging research with dogs showing it is likely a bigger problem than recognised. I posted earlier about the situation in UK. About 1000 in England and Wales in 2011 but likely to be so much higher -