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'Any therapy which is capable of reversing the untreated

natural history of Motor Neuron Disease is Press-worthy.'

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ALS-like Lyme and ALS not related to Lyme Neuroborreliosis:

Let us reduce the discussion to progressive incapacitating Motor Neuron Disease.
Dr William Harvey ,now deceased from a Heart Attack in year 2012 an buried with honor at the Cemetery of the US Air force Academy, developed Motor Neuron disease,progressive type.
He diagnosed himself ..He started a course of Long term antiborrelia antiBabesial antimicrobialtherapy.
Dr. William Harvey experienced a reversal of his motor neuron disease after long term antibiotic therapy.

Dr David Martz developed progressive motor neuron disease. He was diagnosed by several consultant neurologists as "most consistent with Amotropic Lateral Sclerosis. His children searched the Internet
and found the newspaper reports of Dr William Harvey's results with the success of long term antibiotic
and antibabesia therapy in motor neuron disease. Dr David Martz became a patient of Dr Bill Harvey.
Long term Therapy with antiborrelia/antibabesial medications produced a reversal of his disease. but from time to time, Dr David Martz must restart the Dr Harvey Protocol to maintain his recovery.

Dr. David Martz and I had a conversation on Nov 3, 2012 in Boston. We discussed our "MarkTwain" moments. Dr.Martz has since his recovery, treated multiple patients with Antibiotics/antibabesial medications and has noted reversal of motor neuron disease in his patients. He is drafting a manuscript
to report these patients. It is likely that the completed manuscript will be published in a Scandinavian Neurology Journal, just as his case report was published. It is noteworthy that previous to the acceptance of
the Harvey Martz manuscript in a Scandinavian Journal, it was reviewed and rejected by multiple journals based in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

Any therapy which is capable of reversing the untreated natural history of Motor Neuron Disease is Press-worthy. The untreated natural history of Motor Neuron Disease is a short pathway to death by suffocation.
Above all , do no harm.
Alan B> MacDonald MD

Motor neuron disease recovery associated with IV 
ceftriaxone and anti-Babesia therapy
We have documented the full neurological recovery in a patient 
with an unrecoverable MND. Thesuccessful clinical outcome was 
associated with antibiotic therapy in response to evidence of two 
concurrent infections. 
We suggest that MND may be associated with an infectious trigger
in certain cases. The use of antibiotic therapy in MND merits further evaluation.
The above comments by Dr MacDonald was posted on 
Lymenet Forum here  in response to my comments about 
an ALS/MND forum post.
Earlier posts about Dr Martz and his research can be found here  


  1. Is the Dr Harvey protocol simply antiborrelia/antibabesial medications? Are you assuming that taking these medications would help those suffering from ALS? Any links to further research would be appreciated. Regards.

    1. Sophie I am not assuming anything I am just posting information that others have found from their experiences. Borrelia is a very complex illness and it is difficult to get properly tested/diagnosed but clearly there are cases of ALS/MND that have actually been underlying Borrelia infections and some patients are helped if treated on complex protocols (rather than a couple of weeks antibiotics which most doctors give for Borrelia following IDSA Guidelines).
      You need to research Borrelia and find a doctor that can properly test for Borrelia if you suspect it could be an underlying condition in ALS- most main stream doctor Pooh pooh the possible connection so you need to find a specialist Lyme Doctor by contacting your local Lyme disease group or maybe try such as IgeneX for testing. Research on Borrelia is emerging daily and so medicine is slow to accept new innovations. I just posted a letter from a friend in the Netherlands - if you want to chat with him get in touch with me on Facebook and I will see if he will 'talk' to you.
      Whatever you decide to do my very best wishes to you.

    2. Hi Joanne - Finbar Magee here from Ireland. I am a doctor and my sister had MND. I am willing to do anything that might help. My email is - or you can link me on facebook - please do

  2. Hi Joanne,
    My name is Aneta,my mother has been diagnosed wit Neuron Motor Disease, how can I help her?antibiotic therapy,what kind ?
    My E-mail Please help me.Thank you

    1. Aneta if you suspect that Lyme Disease or another tick borne disease is the cause of your mother's symptoms then you need to consult with a doctor experienced in dealing with Lyme Disease maybe contact your local Lyme Disease group.