Thursday, 25 February 2010


One of the many symptoms of Lyme Disease can be seizures, below is a link into a conference in which the first one Pat Smith talks about her daughter who suffered with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as part of her complex Lyme disease symptoms.
Seizures page 33
"Along with or months after erythema migrans, cranial neuropathy or Lyme arthritis, the five children developed behavioral changes, forgetfulness, declining school performance, headache or fatigue and in two cases a partial complex seizure disorder." (1)
"Coma has been reported in at least five patients, and seizures of a variety of types, in at least nine: Partial complex, focal motor, and both primary and secondary generalized convulsive seizures have all been reported." (4)
"We describe a child whose first manifestation of Lyme disease was an acute, focal meningoencephalitis with signs and symptoms such as fever, headache, slurred speech, hemiparesis, seizure, and CSF pleocytosis. " (5)
"Another was a 40-year-old man presenting with epileptic seizures and MRI-detected multifocal lesions, which disappeared after repeated courses of antibiotics."

Details of presentations to the review panel of the IDSA Lyme Disease guidelines can be found at

These presentations leave you in no doubt of the fact that current blood tests for Lyme Disease can miss up cases and that for some people long term antibiotics are required.

With the controversy over the current guidelines how many people suffering seizures are ever properly assessed to see if Lyme Disease could be the cause.

An interesting case study - Tremor, Seizures and Psychosis as Presenting
Symptoms in a Patient with Chronic Lyme
Neuroborreliosis (Lnb) here 


  1. My daughter also suffers seizures PCR +pos lyme.Bartonella IgM 20 .

  2. Anonymous Thank you for posting a comment and best wishes with your struggles to help your daughter get the right treatment for her.

  3. Lyme disease stinks. Presently,living in Pennsylvania I am unfortunately unable to find a doc to treat me for lyme cause i never test positive. A month off of antibiotics my neuropathy is worsening ten fold,headaches and herpes are back as well as the eye issues. I hope ur daughter is doing well.

  4. Hi anon thanks for posting I hope you find a good lyme Doctor soon I know several families who travel from UK to Pennsylvania to visit LLMD Anne Corson they have benefited immensely from her treatment although her waiting list is at least 6 months, I am sure one of the local charities will help you find someone to treat you. Good luck It was not my daughter sick I was just posting information on my blog hope you found it useful.

  5. I was diagnosed with Lyme when I was 13 in 2005 I did a course of penicillin and another drug I can't remember the name. I don't remember alot about that time and was going to several Dr. It took 6 months to be diagnosed and after completing the course I had long lasting symptoms like arthritis , fatigue , low circulation, and low immune system. Recently I have been experiencing all these plus light headedness, fainting, shaking, vibrating feeling, zoning out,anxiety, and a seizure. Is it possible for Lyme to "come back " after 6 years? Or are these symptoms something else. I went to a few doctors but they don't believe I had Lyme in the first place and don't know what is wrong with me. What should I do?

    1. Leah I should have replied here as it probably alerts you to the reply but you can see below my comment.

  6. Hello Leah Yes it is quite possible for Lyme to remain after treatment even quite extensive treatment, I would suggest you read Burrascano Guidelines link in right hand column of this blog. If you decide to follow this up you could get doctor to do a test although research shows that testing can miss about 50% of cases. Most doctors haven't a clue where lyme is concerned although some think they know. It is important to find a lyme literate doctor. I don't know what country you live in but suggest you find a charity in your country and check with them names of Lyme literate doctors or contact ILADS direct link in top right of blog. it is so important that you follow this up because if it is a chronic bacterial infection lyme or another then further courses of antibiotics may be needed not always cleared by just a couple of weeks. You might like to join a chat line such as Eurolyme to find out more information there are others in Canada and US. Best wishes that you find treatment to help you.