Sunday, 14 February 2010


From Brain Fog to Cognitive dysfunction and many stages in between, a quick look through Google will show the many possible causes such as chemical sensitivity, allergies, hormonal, infection and many more.

ME/CFS NICE guidelines say - Concentration and memory difficulties (‘brain fog’) are, however, typical. page 176

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Arthritis Today - Fibro fog – also known as fibromyalgia fog and brain fog – is a term commonly used for the cognitive difficulties that can occur with fibromyalgia.

MS According to the Mutiple Sclerosis Resource centre ‘It is reported that 50% of people with MS admit to experiencing cognitive problems to some degree or another, rising to 80% if we include the most severe cases.’

ALS or Motor Neurons also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease an interesting case study. In 2003 Dr Martz fell ill and some months later was diagnosed with ALS and given 6 months to live. Diagnosed and treated for Lyme Disease he recovered and opened a clinic specialising in patients with ALS. Details of his story can be found on Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Dr Martz presented at the 2009 ILADS conference and in June 2010 he will be presenting at an ILADS conference in London details to be announced.

Autism Charity Lyme Induced Autism ‘The goal of this organization is to provide education, awareness and research into an infectious based cause of autism. Yes..Lyme/borrelia is our PRIME suspect, but we realize that this is multiple infections happening on a disabled immune system and these infections can be triggered by many factors including but not limited to vaccines, chemicals/pesticides, electromagnetic frequency and a whole host of environmental factors. When we consider all options, only then will our kids be able to begin improving.’

Alzheimer’s Much interesting research has been done by Judith Miklossy Alzheimer's Disease -Emerging role of Infections.
‘The realization that pathogens can produce slowly progressive chronic diseases has resulted in a new concept of infectious diseases.’
‘It has also been known from a century that chronic bacterial infection can cause dementia’
‘Highest priority should be given to this emerging field of research. It may have major implications for public health, treatment, and prevention as adequate anti-bacterial and anti-viral drugs are available. Treatment of a bacterial infection and associated viral infection may result in regression and, if started early, prevention of the disease. The impact on reducing health-care costs would be substantial.’

I heard Dr Robert Bransfield President of ILADS present at the Lyme Disease Action conference in 2008 and his comments on brain fog and cognitive dysfunction were particularly revealing and well worth reading whatever illness you happen to have.

I write this to be thought provoking, not to suggesting that everyone with the above illnesses are as a result of infection.

Certainly with the state of the Medical Controversy over diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease and it’s many co infections most people are clearly not being properly assessed to see if they are infected. If blood tests for Lyme Disease are taken most doctors are led to believe that they are 100% reliable when research shows that they can miss up to 50% of cases.

Then there are the other known pathogens and what of those pathogens yet still unknown?


  1. Great article! Now let me see if I can help in this effort. I am a veterinarian whom has been documenting pathology that follows vaccination in animals for the past 25 years. We have some cases in the animals where they will exhibit pathology following the administration of a vaccine that is the same pathology the infectious disease is associated with. Two examples are the Lyme vaccine and then arthritis, Lyme Nephritis, Lyme cognitive dysfunction to just name a few. Also the Leptospirosis vaccine giving rise to fatal renal failure within 48 hours! I have found references also over the cross reactivity of many of these diseases in the tests for infection. Specifically Lyme with Lepto however, Lyme and Lepto cross react with many others, ex. Syphilis, legionaires, HIV, autoimmune disease.
    Then I saw an article Lator N et al., Neuropathy and cognitive impairment following vaccination with Osp A protein of Borrelia burgdorferi, Peripheral Nerve Society Inc 2004 and the Clinicians Brief Lyme Nephritis yet no organisms in the kidney 2008 Sept. It was then i realized, that the cross reaction on tests looking for evidence of the "infector" was not specific enough due to molecular mimicry to identify the inciting agent. I also realized that the inciting agent for the dis ease.....could VERY WELL BE THE ANTIGEN IN THE VACCINES ADMINISTERED!
    Meaning that in many dis eases, you get the vaccine and you get the pathology of the disease! The Osp A protein used in the Lymerix vaccines for people that resulted in this neuropathy, neurological disease and cognitive dysfunction is the same Osp A protein used in the Dogs Lyme vaccines even today. This is PROOF POSITIVE that the vaccination process is impacting the immune system and generating a collision response that exposes the individual to the same pathology the expression of disease would be in certain cases of natural infection. I further discovered that most of the testing methods being you yourself have stumbled upon......are not specific to actual infection. The immune systems response to the antigen from vaccination is fully capable on its very own to produce the disease expression in the vaccinated individual and the immunopathology is resulting from the VACCINE!
    Now, I wonder if any of these vaccines being administered to humans, like the frenzy to give the jab for flu, or any others could be injecting an antigen molecularly similar to induce the immune mediated response and expression of disease. More than possible with the frenzy to vaccinate that has been going on especially these last 30 years and especially with the provocative multivalent vaccines and ingredients that inflame the immune response.

  2. Patricia thanks for your comments I realise the vaccine issue is huge and am aware of both patients with ME/CFS and Lyme who believe there problems started following vaccine.
    I am not against vaccines but more research will no doubt throw up much more than is currently understood about the role of vaccines.
    Judith Mikovits had some interesting things to say about XMRV and vaccines a link in my side bar about Autism and vaccines leads into a tv interview with her.