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I don't generally post personal stories of patients with Lyme disease but this one particularly touched me.

With permission I am only going to post a small section of it but do go to the full details here

Apart from highlighting patients' struggle with the disease and getting a diagnosis for their multi system problems it so highlights the crass comments our 'esteemed' medical professionals come out with, it is time they were taken to task over their behaviour and held to account for their comments to patients when clearly they are not informed of the complexities of Tick borne illness. Lyme Disease and the many co infections that can also affect us.

***************************************************************************** the ----establishment had so badly let me down and basically left me for dead at 36 years old !!

I went to London to the Infectious Disease clinic and the journey itself was hard as I am so poorly.

We were seen and told from the offset that, "we were there to listen to his opinion and that we would not be discussing Lyme until we had heard what he had to say" and i felt like a naughty schoolgirl that had been pulled up in front of the headmaster and was really tired of being treated so awfully when I was sick .

He asked about where I had traveled to tropically and then in Europe and then in the UK.... I reeled of the list of many places as I had travelled to all of these in my youth through bar work.

He then said "well you haven't been anywhere that is tick endemic and so its not Lyme" ..I, this time, had no patience to argue ,as the last time had taught me I was banging my head up a brick wall so I just sat there and silently disagreed with him in my head.

So he preceded to examine me which was very different to the previous 20 or so examinations I'd had by other doctors...and consisted of my lymph glands down my body and my spleen....he had said he would check my eyes as I was wearing the sunglasses but after he had done his tests he told me to go back and sit down and did not again look at toenails,rash or the eyes .

My husband then played him the video footage of me and my attack ...he watched about 10 seconds of it and said" that's enough "and then showed him the positive test results and he asked ..".who done these..."my husband replied "Igenex" and he said "well i can get a positive result for any test I want if I send it to the right place "and then told me that the "Americans are all mental and blame every symptom they have on Lyme" ....he said "don't get fixated with Lyme "...

to which I replied "I'm not fixated ..its just I have every symptom ..even definitive ones of Lyme ..positive test results that are non biased .. and the most important thing is ...if its not then what is it ??..

because I have seen nearly 20 doctors now ...who either tell me they don't know.. or we can tell you what its not ...or its a headache.... or a stiff neck ... or I may never get a diagnosis for this...or the last doctor who had the cheek to tell me there was NOTHING wrong with me...or its all in your head ....so believe me, I'm not fixated, I just haven't even been given anything else that it realistically could be ...and the fact that this is capable of evading normal routine tests, which is what's happened with me is surely proof enough to give antibiotic treatment a go

""He then said that, as this is an infectious disease clinic then he was going to run 3 tests of diseases that are of African nature..... and although the timing is out as to when I should have got ill with these after my return from Africa..... and the chances of me having them are next to none... he needed to rule them out anyway ....

to which I agreed ,but wondered why this wasn't checked for in the hospital on my admission on that first night ..as they were made fully aware of the fact we had not long returned from a tropical country and they did tell my husband that all possibilities had been checked for ...

Then we had the punchline delivered to us..in a very sinister way indeed ... considering he had just told me that if he wanted to ,then he could get a positive result for any test if he sent it to the right place.

..one of the tests that he was running was for an African borne disease that's VERY ,VERY RARE.. but the only treatment for it is to pump arsenic into your blood ..which results in 3 out of 5 death rate anyway...

I couldn't believe it ...one of the possible options that he'd managed to come up with rather than even acknowledging there is even a slight chance that it might be Lyme was of a rare disease that you had hardly any chance of surviving from the treatment..

.and it had sounded more like a threat ...

and I wondered why he had no worries about putting arsenic into me but I was having such a tough time getting antibiotics ..

I had also, before I'd found Lyme gone through, like I said every disease going ..and had studied African diseases especially hard, as we had spent a lot of time in Africa in the last two years and the symptoms and timing didn't match any of the diseases. .

So I'd agreed to his tests (or death sentence )that he had given me... and then I continued talking about Lyme .

This is when I believe ...he used the sentence that it had taken the doctors all these months to come up with ...of how to get around this situation, without actually telling me they would not treat me long term.

He said I am going to put you on a course of doxycycline for 3 weeks..if you get better then it was Lyme and you are cured...if not then it wasn't Lyme.

Here's how this interprets ...3 weeks course of doxycycline does treat and cure Lyme disease if caught in the early stages ..ie after the bite of an infected tick ..or the trademark rash being present ...after that if left untreated it grows in your body and will eventually turn into stage 2 which is harder to treat... and if still not detected it will go to stage 3 ...when it crosses the blood borne barrier and enters the brain and internal organs and this is where I am at and is extremely difficult to treat

and the NHS are not willing to invest the time or money to see if long term IV antibiotics make a difference...even though it has been proved by real people suffering with the disease at late stage... who have had to raise money and sell there homes .beg and borrow to find theirself a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who specialises in the treatment of Lyme and its co infections and understands the complexity of the disease and of the treatment plan ,for life .

This is the aim of this appeal... I need to find myself a LLMD who will treat me and this will be outside the NHS and possibly outside the UK ...

Thankyou for reading my story ..please educate yourself and your family and friends on Lyme....... because if I can stop this happening to someone else it will do some good ...please if you are on facebook join the group that was my daughters idea and my husband set up ...called Would you pay a £1 to help save my mummy's life?..pass it on to your friends and ask them to pass it on and so on ...the more people that join ..the more awareness there is and it also gives my little girl some hope and makes us not feel not so totally alone in this situation
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1109650270&ref=search#!/group.php?gid=134675306560444&ref=mf thankyou so much if you would like to donate click on the link below or if you would like to send a cheque ..please make payable to ...The Sonia Smith Appeal Fund 29 St Johns Rd
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or for further queries contact soniasmithappeal@aol.com


Initially Sonia was admitted to hospital with a suspected Brain Tumour or stroke but when tests showed nothing she was dismissed with 'It's all in your head' despite symptoms of paralysis, Bells Palsy, verbal stuttering and difficulties speaking, light and sound sensitivity to mention just a few of her symptoms.

As most of us find with Lyme Disease here in the UK like elsewhere in the World getting diagnosis even with positive Igenex tests is no guarantee that NHS will treat with antibiotics. Quite remarkable that this ID specialist would consider IV arsenic for some rare African Disease and yet simple antibiotics even oral antibiotics have significantly improved the lives of many patients with a clinical diagnosis of Lyme Disease let alone a serological diagnosis.

All these consultants in denial should listen to the recent presentations at the Institute of Medicine Workshop showing how complex all these tick borne diseases are to test for let alone to treat. Click here


  1. An NHS consultant told me recently
    "Chronic lyme is a disease claimed by people who do not want to work"
    What ignorance and arrogance. These Consultants need to be educated and develop some humility. The WHO recognise it as a disease, so why won't the NHS ? Who is it in the NHS who is misleading so many doctors with wrong information ?

  2. Hello Anon
    Sorry I did not respond earlier your comment went to my spam and I had not realised.
    Sadly the comment you had is not uncommon, what a pity they don't do their research before opening their mouths they will realise one day how foolish and cavalier they have been with our lives but sadly until then too many more patients and children will suffer without appropriate treatment.