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ILADS professional conference a success
09 October, 2010 11:54:00

Dave Martz
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The conference was a huge success thanks to the innumerable contributions by board members, vendors, volunteers, donors, hotel staff, ILADS webmaster, program committee members – and especially our Executive Director, Barbara Buchman, who lived and breathed ILADS 2010 coordination and details from conception through its conclusion.

here to read the full report.

Extract -
Chronic Lyme Disease and Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome

The Guest Speaker Scientific Sessions explored clinical and pathophysiological mechanisms of other infectious diseases (e.g., Chlamydia, HHV-6, HIV, XMRV) that may apply to the syndromes of Chronic Lyme Disease, in addition to specific roles of cytokines and biofilms.

They also addressed strategies, methods, and resources needed to generate credible clinical studies and publications essential to achieving scientific acceptance of the Chronic Lyme concept.

A DVD containing most of the conference presentations is available from ILADS for only $40.00

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