Friday, 15 July 2016


Another excellent article by Mary Beth Pfeiffer in the Huffington post US edition.

Go-To Lyme Drugs Don’t Always Kill The Bug, At Least For Some

The article talks about the fast accumulating evidence on the persistence of Lyme disease from prestigious Universities, in animals, humans and test tubes.

The need for more money for researchers, funding has been far less from NIH than many illnesses with lower case numbers.

In 2008 the  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal charged that some on the Infectious Diseases Society of America panel that crafted the Lyme Guidelines had "undisclosed financial interests" and forced their reconsideration.

With Paul Auwaerter, a long time critic of the notion of Chronic Lyme infection being one of the authors of three recent Johns Hopkins papers on Lyme disease persistence after treatment, Beth poses the possibility of movement forward on the situation.

This is the link for the full and detailed article with useful links to various research papers 
 (I wish Huffington post UK would publish a similar article )

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