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Alzheimer Borreliosis Lecture London June 4 2014
Dr Alan MacDonald 

Published on Jul 17, 2014
Infection Induced Human Dementias are briefly reviewed,.Tertiary Syphilitic 
Dementia ( General Paresis) is reviewed and comparisons with Tertiary Spirochetal Human infections , dementing types. (Leptospirosis-NEJM 2014, Treponema pallidum, Borrelia burgdorferi family of spirochetes, and other Oral Treponemes.
The Conclusion Formulation by Dr. Alan MacDonald, MD is that
Alzheimer's disease of the Subtype caused by Tertiary Neuroborreliosis
demonstrates Evidence by Borrelia specific DNA Probe analysis and by 
Microbiologic cultures of Autopsy Alzheimer's Brain tissues producing
live Borrelia in pure culture, that Alzheimer's of the Tertiary Borreliosis type
is a infectious disease. The Plaques in such cases are Borrelia biofilm communities.
Granular Vacuolar lesions of the Hippocampus are granular borrelia
which contain Borrelia DNA and which Bind Borrelia specific DNA tissue
probes with In Situ DNA Hybridization in Autopsy studies.
The Borrelia infection subtype of Alzheimer's, in like manner with with
Treponema pallidum induced Dementia in late disease has the potential to to
be cured by antibiotic therapies. 

The above lecture was given at the Inaugural Meeting of the Spirochetal Alzheimer Association link here

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