Sunday, 12 May 2013


Sonia Poulton Freelance Journalist/Broadcaster talks with Nicola Seal Entomologist and Lyme Disease sufferer who organised the UK Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest.

This is one of 11 U tube videos I did of the protest which can be found on U Tube, too many to post on this blog.

To see photos of the Protests from around the World, go to Worldwide Lyme disease Protest blog here  about 30 countries were involved  and several states in US.

There were several local radio stations covering the Protest and Nicola was on the BBC Breakfast Program.

The BBC website did some excellent coverage with links to important information here 

For more information visit the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest UK here  

The patients are doing what our Governments have failed to do, raise awareness. Now we need them to meet our demands. Awareness, better testing, better diagnosis and better treatment.

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