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Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Rally – May 10, 2013, NYC, Union Square, South Plaza

Dr. Eva Sapi – CT, University of New Haven, Dept of Biology and Environmental Science

My Name is Eva Sapi an Associate Professor at the University of New Haven, we have a research team of over 70 students with actually 3 doing Lyme Disease research. Some of them have already applied for medical school or already in the field working some of them were behind the culture test Dr ? just mentioned. 

Our goal at the research lab is to better understand Borrelia. I need to remind you that Borrelia Bugdorferi was discovered 30 years ago, let me repeat me 30 years ago and you are still standing here waiting for answers. 

Something really went wrong, I think we can agree on that.

So what we need to do here we need to, I am not just asking money for research I'm asking the scientists to be more open minded and not ignore some very important research data and I am not just talking about the last 30 years. I want to remind you that, just a couple of days ago I was reading a literature from 1916, 1916 the British Journal of medicine talk about ( have you read the paper, exactly- to audience member) they talk about morphological forms of spirochete and how they form those from after stress.

How many years now 120, we are completely ignoring data like that, so one of the research goals in my lab is to better understand Borrelia. This is a very smart bug it's smart and can form all forms of different forms and we already show some of the forms are extremely antibiotic resistant. The minute Borrelia 'sees' or 'smells' or I don't know how he knows that we try to kill it either by environmental stress- antibiotic it turns into those forms. So what can we do about it ah, obviously we have to understand better those forms, obviously we need more research and try to understand how those forms can be eliminated.

Probably some of you know that our research was applied for some grants for a research microscope this is our goal to better understand those forms.

So back to what happened the last 30 years, why the research committees ignore such facts and only worked on the spirochete forms? Let me remind you even the test we are using is based on antigen presentation on the spirochete forms, we don't know if the cyst form, the granular form the biofilm form have any other antigen which might be better to attack?? So again I try to remind researchers to be flexible, open minded so we don't need this rally any more, I, until one person cannot recover from Lyme Disease we cannot ignore ideas.

Remember what happened with H. Pylori, Dr Marshall had to drink the H.Pylori culture to prove that H. Pylori can cause ulcer. Dr Barbara McClintock stopped publishing in 1930 because she discovered jumping genes which is one of the major discoveries in genetics. They both got ridiculed. You should see the emails I get every day - 'your results are impossible'. They don't believe that Mycoplasma can exist in ticks. They don't believe that Borrelia can form biofilm 'impossible'. I don't believe in this word Impossible, it is not a word a scientist should even say.

So I ask you, I am not asking for your money I am asking for your support because sometimes it is very much more than even donations, sometimes, just a couple of months ago I was reviewing my major research projects and every single one is controversial, I am working on biofilms I am working on cyst forms, on granular forms, recently we start to understand Morgellons Disease, if you talk about Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease is another interesting one and I have to say, that night I couldn't sleep, so your support, everyday support in those e mails means a lot to me and a lot to my research group and even a lot to my 7 year old daughter. Thank you very much. 

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