Wednesday, 4 April 2012


News today posted on Lyme Disease Action Website here

Dr Sue O'Connell previous head of the LBU at Southampton retired on Friday March 30th

I wish her a very long retirement long enough to watch the science changing regarding Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses and long enough for her to reflect how many patients could have been helped had science been allowed to speak above people's opinions.

My GP said Dr O'Connell told her to stop giving me antibiotics, other patients have told me the same. Thankfully in my case my GP could see my improvements and continued to treat me as I continued to recover - many other patients tell me that their doctors refused further treatment because of her advice, if that is the case I am sure a cry of delight will be sounding from many in the UK Lyme community at the news of her Retirement.

LDA go on to say the Head of Emerging Infections and Zoonoses in the Department of Health who has been responsible for Minister' responses on Lyme disease over the last two governments also retires.

Another piece of delightful news lets hope the successor can pen a more intelligent reply than those I have received since 2007. As a Retired Civil Servant with experience of similar such correspondence from within the DWP I would not have accepted such poor correspondence.

This is also good news to Lyme patients elsewhere  in the World as this is one less member of what is commonly referred to as the Lyme Cabal.

There is a little tune keeps popping into my head something from the Wizard of Oz - I am sure those familiar with the problems Lyme patients have had over the years will guess the tune I refer to.

Good to hear the testing is being moved from Southampton to Porton and with new testing being introduced lets hope this will help to improve testing and benefit the patients.

Another tune that comes to mind is 'Times they are a changing' - it seems there are stirrings from many of the major countries recently Germany, France, can't wait to hear the outcome from a recent meeting in Canada and of course it started this year with the US - Persistence study in non human primates here
and now recently Australia

Do go to Lyme Disease Action to read their report here on all change.


  1. Re Wizard of OZ refs:

    Well if you want to be snide about it, naturally one would assume to use this clip on youtube:

    And there's the lesser known Klaus Nomi version:

    But if you're just hopeful about new blood coming in with new ideas, then this clip may be better:

    Lyrics from this bit:

    You're out of the dark
    You're out of the night
    Step into the sun,
    step into the light

    Keep straight ahead
    For the most glorious place
    On the Face of the Earth
    Or the sky

    Hold onto your breath
    Hold onto your heart
    Hold onto your hope

    March up to the gate
    And bid it open

  2. And wow, this German study?

    Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't know about it.

    This may very well tie into persistent spirochetes that do not respond to antibiotics, you think?

  3. Hi Camp Thanks for the U tube links - I am still humming the tune.
    It will be certainly interesting to see how things pan out. Last year LDA charity invieted a speaker from Porton to present on their work. At the last minute they were told by their 'masters' that they were not allowed to present. That was taking things to extremes and must be a first for a medical conference for the heavy brigade to step in.
    Here's hoping there will be a very big shake up and perhaps another year Porton might be allowed to oblige with presenting especially as there are new testing methods.
    Now as to the German study this is the full paper I just noticed you posted about it and as there has been some discussion about it on Facebook I will pop along to see what your take is.