Monday, 23 April 2012


Lyme disease – the challenge for patients published in the Netherlands Journal of Medicine. here 

An excellent response by S.R. Huyshe-Shires, S. Pearson to an editorial 'Lyme borreliosis: the challenge of accuracy.' To read the background go to Lyme Disease Action website here

'Lack of good quality evidence concerning diagnosis and treatment disempowers doctors and all too often disenfranchises and alienates patients. Unfortunately the recent editorial by Klempner et al., by foreclosing valid questions, can only perpetuate this state of affairs.'


  1. There have been some interesting comments coming from researchers in the Netherlands. I've read these papers and the one thing that continues to haunt me is the seeming lack of discussion on treatment failures - both in the US studies on late Lyme disease and in European outcomes. How can anyone avoid asking the obvious question, "What is the cause of these treatment failures?"

  2. Another point that I heard Sam Donta make some time ago - the IDSA say that a couple of weeks antibiotics cures the infection but how can they fool so many doctors saying this - there is no science that proves their point nor is it logical by anyone's standards if symptoms persist as before treatment.

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