Thursday, 5 January 2012


The Infectious Disease Society of America asks on it's Facebook page - 'What would you like  to see from your society in the coming year?' see here and leave your comments.

At the time of writing this there are 719 comments from patients suffering with Lyme Disease. Heart felt comments - will they listen?

Can they really afford to keep ignoring the science that is there for all to read.

In the day of the Internet and social networking sites they can no longer deny this disease in it's chronic form and expect us all to accept their restrictive guidelines, especially when so many thousands of us have the lived experience of finding that long term antibiotics improve our health and give us our life back.

The denialists might well hoodwink the media and fool doctors who are too busy to do their own reading around this controversy but they can't/didn't stop this going viral and thanks to IDSA Questions- undeleted comments Facebook, even if they do decide to delete all our comments they have been recorded elsewhere here

Lyme posted about it here


  1. There are double the number of comments you mentioned now.

    The responses have been amazing, and I think they've stopped deleting them.

  2. 1561 as I write this, that is a lot of people having a similar experience, can't all be in our heads!!
    Thanks Camp Other for commenting and your post on your blog.