Thursday, 17 November 2011


The Emperor’s New Clothes, Chronic Lyme Disease, and the Infectious Disease Society of America

Burton A Waisbren Sr. M.D. FACP
Founding Member and Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America

Waisbren Clinic

This essay will start with a definition of Chronic Lyme disease: Chronic Lyme disease is a syndrome that results when individuals who have been inoculated with multiple microorganisms by infected ticks and who have not responded to an initial course of doxycycline develop extreme fatigue, intermittent fever, joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog, concentration difficulties, skin rashes, and in many instances symptoms of autoimmune disease to the extent that they impinge upon their quality of life.

When one comes face to face with patients of this type in whom other diseases are ruled out, it is obvious that something serious is amiss.

It’s a conundrum why a group of respected physicians who are members of the Infectious Disease Society of America have not recognized this and have, instead, written a guideline that essentially denies that the syndrome exists. This guideline has resulted in literally hundreds of patients unable to be treated for Chronic Lyme disease.----------------------

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continued and my favorite piece of research -

'Phillips, in a brilliant critique of the IDSA guidelines, has separated out numerous observational studies that suggest the occurrence of chronic Lyme disease as described in this essay.'


Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease: Fifty-One Case Reports and Essays in ...

By Burton A Waisbren Sr MD Facp Fidsa, Burton A. Waisbren, Sr.

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  2. Interesting fellow. And he's been a doctor for ages. I'm going to look through his case reports and see what they say.