Friday, 18 November 2011


New survey of the experience of health services of people with tick-borne infections in the UK and Ireland (Eire). This is set up by a group called LymeResearchUk and Ireland in conjunction with the charity Tick Talk Ireland.

This is survey by an independent group of researchers, led by Kate Bloor. She is fully registered with the Social Research Association, and this project adheres to their ethical guidelines.

The easiest way of filling it in is via this link;

There are several OTHER ways of getting access to the survey.
You can be sent a direct link to the on-line survey, by email contact

and/or a copy of the paper version (either email or sent to you in the post, UK or Ireland only).

We need to recruit people far and wide, including those who might not be on websites, have been treated and are better, those who were treated quickly etc.

Please ask permission of contacts before you pass this information on.

If you want an example of the kind of research that has been done, please find the link below. You can also sign up for information via social network sites
(link below).

Many thanks for your help and interest.
Kate Bloor

Find Lyme Research UK on

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