Monday, 7 June 2010


ME Promo from Double D Productions on Vimeo.

ME Promo 2 from Double D Productions on Vimeo.

The Internet is a powerful media and patients can no longer be ignored especially when there are such powerful presentations like the ones above. I look forward to seeing the finished documentary.

The Documentary film Under our Skin has also done much to highlight the plight of patients with Lyme Disease and the controversies surrounding diagnosis and treatment to view that trailer click here or find it in my side bar.

When the ground swell is sufficient the balance will tip and we are not far from that tipping point with ME/CFS and/or Lyme Disease. The thousands of patients World wide will not be ignored for ever their voice will be heard and some physicians, who have marginalised these two illnesses for their own financial gain, will be 'hung out to dry'. The OPINIONS of these physicians have caused science to stand still or be ignored and resulted in thousands of patients un necessary suffering.

Symptoms of ME/CFS and/or Lyme Disease can be many and similar to each other. Arthritis, Muscle Weakness, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, neurological symptoms twitching, tingling, psychiatric, palpitations the list is endless.

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