Saturday, 17 April 2010


I have heard many good comments about the work of Dr. Sarah Myhill from patients or parents of patients with ME/CFS. Many people suffering ME/CFS and also those with Lyme Disease know only too well how difficult it is to find a doctor that listens and really tries to sort out what our problems are.

I was shocked at the treatment I had from three Rheumatologists, arrogant to a point of rudeness, dismissive of my arthritis and muscle weakness symptoms and flippant, one suggested I gave up work when I explained how I was struggling to cope even after reducing my hours. Like he would have given up his income probably 4x what I was earning at that time, so easily.

I was very sorry to hear the latest action by the GMC in investigating Dr Myhill yet again.

I have found Dr Myhill's website very interesting and most of what I have read very informative and useful, quite a breath of fresh air in fact.

It does seem so much like a witch hunt, hounding her because she has views a little different than the main stream in medicine. It is very worrying that doctors who treat outside the box are being hounded in this way, especially with the problems those treating Lyme Disease in the USA have had. It comes to something when States are taking the vote in order to protect their doctors from treating patients for Lyme Disease. I watched the hearing in Connecticut last year and what really struck me was the number of patients who must have suffered Chronic ill health from Lyme Disease for the situation to have got to the point of gaining the full support of their Representatives. The vote was unanimously in support of allowing Doctors to treat patients with Lyme disease freely rather than being threatened with prosecution by medical boards supported by IDSA's view of their discredited Lyme Disease Guidelines.

Dr Myhill's experiences do not bode well for the future of our precious few private Lyme Disease doctors in the UK who treat outside the box but who have success with long term antibiotics. The prospect of me being denied the only treatment that worked for me and being left struggling with chronic ill health and all that pain is rather scary.

I wish Dr Myhill well not just for her but for the future of medicine which must be allowed to evolve as new ideas and research is produced.


  1. Well said Joanne.

    What makes me really uncomfortable is that someone who goes by the pseudonym Goldacre is bragging on his blog that he is the person who has put the complaint in. He seems to find the whole matter rather amusing.

    The language and tone of his blog are offensive. I came across this which seems to tell us more about Goldacre

    You can read more about him from page 27 if you download the book.

    If I were a "normal" doctor, seeing so much of my fees paid to the GMC being spent on investigating Dr Myhill (yet again), based on the complaint of someone who is so crude, I would feel deeply uneasy as there seems to be a great lack of professionalism on Goldacre's part.

    Dr Myhill is a brave woman who believes in what she does. Her patients evidently feel passionately about her. My family has never seen her but have often referred to her website.

    The most important thing for her patients is that she CARES. She very probably does not have all the answers, but she is kind and believes they are ill.

  2. Joanne

    Unfortunately I fear with our new Healthcare Law in the U.S. we will again be in the same situation you find yourselves in in the UK..

    The amount of energy spent denying the truth about Lyme and co infections could and should be better spent in finding better diagnostics and is so shameful!

  3. Anon Thank you for your comments. I had read the blog post of Goldacre and was not impressed by his comments. I followed his website for a time but found him flippant and lacking in facts with a bias which I did not agree with. I rather felt his header picture rather summed up his flippant self opinionated views.I will take time to read your link soon.

    Renee Thanks for your comment, yes sadly I am inclined to agree, our Health advisers to our governments spend too much time denying Lyme and if they spent as much investigating the organism and the available research so many thousands of patients the world over would benefit. The same can be said for ME/CFS.

  4. HI Joanne,

    I've read Martin Walker's book downloaded from slingshot pulicationns as referenced in a previous comment.

    I wish we had a journalist like him doing some research for the Lyme side of things.

    One day his knowledge and ours will meet in the middle.

    I've heard that the stuff about Plum island might come out soon and already there is a court case going on now with a lab technician who has been made ill by a virus or unknown agent she was working with and the drug company are refusing to release what the agent is. It seems there is a whole world of corporate insurance and medicine which is virtually above the law, using patents as get out clauses for all of their misdemeanours.

    Best wishes, anon