Monday, 4 July 2011


Look what I found crawling on my kitchen floor today!

An engorged tick not something you want to find when you have spent years suffering with Lyme Disease and years regaining your health.

I suspect it has dropped off our dog Beth a Springer spaniel and not my husband or myself.

Beth has been struggling with arthritis although she is an elderly lady. As she has often had ticks attached and engorged I suspected her arthritis like mine could be as a result of Lyme Disease although the blood tests were negative but I guess as they do an ELISA only then no surprises there to get a negative result.

I couldn't face another battle with vets for antibiotic treatment
so just in case a few months ago I tried her on Samento. What a difference she bounces around now as she did a few years ago with not much sign of arthritis and no need for anti inflammatories.

So here's hoping that if this tick was attached to her and infected her Samento will take care of any infections.

I will be keeping an eye on myself and husband too.

Just shows you can never be too careful even when you are Lyme aware.


  1. That's brilliant having it next to a coin, really brings home how tiny they are even when fully bloated. I was infected by dogs bringing ticks into the house. Despite checks of the dogs each & every time they came through the door it's still easy to miss them when they're tucked in all that fur ;)

  2. Yikes indeed. I thought it was a tiny stone and being my housewifely duties lead much to be desired ( far more interesting gardening and blogging) I just pushed it towards the door with my shoe, then I looked a little closer and realised what it was. The dog gets ticks on her most summers although I am more careful not to touch them now and to remove properly with the correct tool but this was one we missed. I took a number of photos of it and it is fascinating to see in close up.