Thursday, 11 March 2010


The Medical Relative from Hell!

I suppose when a doctor finds themselves or their loved ones with Lyme Disease they must become the Medical Relative from Hell, there is so much that our doctors are not aware of with Lyme Disease and it's multitude of symptoms and misdiagnosis MS, Psychiatric, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis other neurological illnesses just a few that come to mind all well documented in the Lyme Disease literature, if only doctors had the hours to look, which of course we as sick patients and carers do have the time to get informed, from sheer desperation and we are often very well informed.

Interestingly Lyme Disease awareness in the UK has a number of medics in the forefront, clearly their training has helped them to their or their family's diagnosis, but sadly they too have trouble with their doctors over Lyme Denial.

During my recovery I passed a few interesting research articles along to my GP, she always received them well, in fact even said 'you are educating me'!! What an open minded doctor and how lucky was I.

I doubt she has many patients who spend years with debilitating painful arthritis and muscle weakness, having difficulty standing and walking across a room who over time and long term antibiotics fully recover and cycle again.

So to read more about the Medical Relative from Hell there is a new quirky Lyme blog I came across recently on doc2doc blogs Secret diary of a Lyme Warrior, I look forward to reading more posts on this new blog.

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