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Is CFS/ME a bacterial illness?

Is CFS/ME a bacterial illness?

If I'd known what I'd known a year ago - I should have just walked out the door! It's certainly been an exciting year – and it's all Marie's fault! (Marie Kroun).
Bill's (Bill Harvey) been staying with me all week. My presentation of symptoms wasn't quite as traumatic as his. I was in the bath. I'd had 6 pints of Tetley's. I was a medical student staying in a really grotty flat. I got parathesiae in my feet and muscle twitches.
But that's not why I got into CFS. I got into that because patients of mine went to see psychiatrists and were told they were hyperventilating – despite the fact that their lives were totally wrecked. I thought there must be a bit more to this illness than hyperventilation.
Eventually, I turned up here last year because I'd already started to think about whether ME and other disorders were bacterial. I talked to a few people about this and started to do some work with Milton Wainwright and got there eventually.
My experience is exclusively in ME. I still am, though I don't do very much for them now because I have such a different view of the illness now that they think I'm even madder than they thought I was. Because when you have to write articles and answer doctor's questions and not mention the word borreliosis, it's really difficult! So I've got to tell black lies all the time. For example, when they say, "Why do you get this in ME?" I can't say, "It's obvious. It's cause you've got vasculitis." But I'm still one of their medical advisers.

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Andy Wright also talks about patients with Fibromyalgia and looking at Borrelia type infections in blood, Lyme disease.

This was 2004 a year after his initial interest and since he has treated many people. I have spoken with some of his patients who have recovered on Eurolyme.

He finished his presentation with the following.

'That's what it's all about. And I feel it will get there eventually. The big problem is how? And the big problem is Political.'

In March 2010 we still await the long overdue outcome of IDSA review of there much contested 2006 Lyme disease Guidelines.

To read more about the controversy visit and read the presentations to the review panel showing problems over testing and treatment.

To read more about the shenanigans read LYMEPOLICYWONK: IDSA Violates Settlement Agreement Voting Procedures

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