Monday, 4 January 2010


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  1. Thanks Joanne, this is excellent, I am involved in a discussion group for my local paper, going to post a link now.

  2. Renee Thank you the more people who are aware the more they can protect themselves and get adequate treatment.

    As the video says encourage everyone to pass the information on.

    An earlier post of mine included an e mail I had had from a Doctor very much involved with ME/CFS he is on the CFSAC committee and in his reply he said that he hoped eventually the ground swell would be sufficient to move things forward.He also said that although research had found about 30% ME/CFS patients actually had Lyme it was difficult getting doctors to consider as a possible diagnosis.

    My view is that the ground swell is more than sufficient and well past time that those who are in power should be taking all the research into account.

    Good luck with your local paper.