Monday, 11 January 2010


Once again IDSA have let Lyme Disease patients down. Carol Baker said at the review presentation on July30th 2009 that their decision would be announced at the end of the year but to date no announcement has been made as to their decision.

Patients have struggled with their illnesses years unable to get properly diagnosed and when they do having difficulty to find doctors to adequately treat them. This is not a USA problem it affects the World because most of the World follows these rigid IDSA 2006 guidelines.

Have a look what Under our Skin say in their recent blog

How long must IDSA spin things out while so many patients suffer the investigation time line

should make IDSA members involved with this disgrace hang their heads in shame.

Thankfully I had a GP prepared to treat me on long term antibiotics following Burrascano Guidelines and I am now well and no longer needing any medication. But sadly I am in touch with many patients who are very sick and struggle to get adequate treatment even when they know that treatment improves their symptoms.


  1. Just a feeling, they are waiting to see what happens with our healthcare bills. If it all passes there will be a 26 member committee that decides "best practices" and will oversee what treatments can be offered

    A step backward in my opinion, but no doubt the more restrictive IDSA guidelines would be adopted.

    I see nothing good in any of this.

  2. Thanks for your comment coming from a different perspective that I had not considered.
    I am only thankfull that I have recovered so well myself.