Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Well at least Prince Charles is taking Lyme Disease seriously on his estate in Gloucestershire. I am not sure that deer as a tick mop would be quite what I would advocate but then if it doesn't work hopefully he will find something more effective.

At least that is one landowner in the UK thinking of doing something about ticks and at least acknowledging there is a problem which is more than most do and certainly much more than most doctors do here in the UK.


I can't get the registration to work for the Times On Line, but Lyme Disease Action Chair woman Stella Huyshe says it all very well. Thank you Stella.

'We at the charity Lyme Disease Action (www.lymediseaseaction.org.uk) are very encouraged to learn that HRH Prince Charles is both concerned about and aware of Lyme disease. We shall be watching the results of the 'tick mop' trial with interest. We agree whole-heartedly with Jenny O'Dea of Tick Talk Ireland, who says: "Lyme is most certainly NOT a mild illness - UNLESS you get very fast treatment. Getting any treatment at all - let alone fast treatment - is, however, the biggest challenge". The recent announcement that bushcraft expert Ray Mears has just been diagnosed with Lyme disease 10 years after contracting it is just one example of the problems of awareness and diagnosis. Many people have struggled, while suffering hugely from a wide range of symptoms, to find out what is wrong with them and how to treat it. Lyme Disease Action offers a patient enquiry service for advice and help by email and also has posters/advice on how to remove ticks at www.lymediseaseaction.org.uk. We hope Times Online readers will look at our website to brief themselves more fully on Lyme disease and to protect themselves from long-term Lyme problems.'
Stella Huyshe - Chair - Lyme Disease Action

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