Monday, 16 November 2009

ME/CFS XMRV retrovirus

There has been so much in the news since October 09 about the XMRV retro virus which has been found in blood samples from patients with ME/CFS.
The Whittemore Peterson Institute has many links into news articles.

I have followed this because there are many people with Lyme disease who struggle with ME/CFS type symptoms and like me are often diagnosed with ME/CFS before being diagnosed with Lyme. Conversely I have met other patients on line who have an ME/CFS diagnosis but also have Lyme Diagnosis.

Whether XMRV will be found in some patients with Lyme remains to be seen.

What also interests me is the politics that surround ME/CFS and where best to read about that but through Oslers web blog by Hillary Johnson. I came across Hillary Johnson as she wrote the forward in Pam Weintraube's book Cure Unknown a must read for anyone with Lyme Disease. One day I look forward to reading Osler's web.

Who would have believed that these two illnesses could have been skewed so by medical politics, so that thousands of patients suffer undiagnosed for years and are denied adequately treated, because a handful of people in powerful positions dictate their OPINIONS and do not consider all available science or even try to further available science to the benefit of those patients.

A good place to start is by watching the Chronic Fatigue syndrome advisory committee video cast day 1 especially but also day 2

Dan Peterson and Annette Whittemore present to the committee.

Another interesting link is through the Huffington post to a TV interview with Judy Mikovits and Annette Whittemore.

One of the blogs I follow has posted many interesting articles about developments going on with XMRV My Life as I StandUP2ME I recommend this blog for further reading.

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