Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dr Kenneth Friedman


This was posted recently I had missed part of this testament when I watched the CFSAC meeting.

I watched it again and felt moved to e mail him my support.

I have heard of so many good doctors supporting Lyme Disease patients who have been hounded and are still being hounded by IDSA supporters in the USA and now it seems we are having similar problems here in UK. Who would have believed such evilness.

This was the reply to my e mail.

Hi Joanne!

Indeed you are one of the few and one of the fortunate!

In the United States, two studies indicate that approximately 30 percent of CFS/ME patients actually have Lyme Disease.

Getting physicians to re-check their patients is not easy.

I sincerely appreciate your support and your taking the time to write to me.

My hope is that eventually the number of patients willing to speak up will be sufficiently large that we will be heard.


This was the e mail I sent:-

Many thanks for your courage in speaking out at the SFSAC meeting and all the work you do.

It is disgraceful what happens to you and other doctors for your pioneering work.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS by a top London Rheumatologist! it turned out to be Lyme Disease and on antibiotics I have my health and my life back.

Who ever would have dreamt that such controversies are ongoing with ME/CFS and also Lyme Disease when there is so much science supporting a bacterial/viral illness.

One day science will prove the nay sayers wrong, but it is wonderful to have such brave pioneering doctors prepared to put their careers at risk for us chronically ill patients while our health authorities do nothing.
Thank you


  1. Congrats on starting a new blog! I shall be following with interest.

  2. Hi Jo
    Thanks that is nice to hear from you.