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'Dr. Gabriel Steiner had clearly shown that in about one in every ten brain-autopsies he could find spirochetes using his own silver-stain. We still use Steiner’s stain today to detect spirochetes, but for some reason we don’t acknowledge his discovery of spirochetes being associated with Multiple Sclerosis.' 


Further images of spirochetes from Steiner's work   

The early history of MS and the MS society.

There is a whole history between Dr. Gabriel Steiner, Dr. Rose Ichelson and the MS society and Time magazine.
I wrote up the story on an old computer in 1992. Seems lost to the ages.

The story is basically is this: Dr. Steiner associates spirochetes in the brains of deceased MS patients in Germany in 1922 to 1933
Dr. Steiner is Jewish so he leaves Germany for Ann Arbor Michigan. Dr. Steiner is a revered teacher and takes on several graduate students. One of is students is Lida Mattman.
Dr. Steiner publishes only three more major papers in America on MS that associates spirochetes with MS. 1952-1956
Dr. Steiner worked on American MS patients and after finding spirochetes in American MS patients 1952, Dr. Steiner wrote a position paper on MS and named the spirochete myelaphthora or myelin-eating spirochete.
Steiner went on to state that he thought it was an entirely new species Borrelia.
At first the American medical community was excited,but the tide changed quickly. People who didn't understand science had the last word in a Time Magazine article in 1957.
Dr. Rose Ichelson was a microbiologist with 30+ years of experience, a woman who stopped two epidemics in Philadelphia and was mentioned by Eleanor Roosevelt as a female scientist that young girls should emulate.
Dr.Ichelson read Steiner's work with great interest.
Rose on several occasions cultured spirochetes from the CSF of MS patients and then published in 1956.
She gained the attention of TIME magazine who did an article in 1957.
That same year the inexperienced MS society was formed and was run by none scientists. They said MS was not caused by an infection because rarely did both identical twins or spouses get MS, therefore no infection was being passed. (Of course the infection is not passed from person to person but from TICKs to people.)
This statement shattered Dr. Ichelson's career and she was openly ridiculed, in a large part her struggle was because of her jealous boss, who literally stole a research grant out from under Rose to do his virus theory of MS.
Thus ending Rose's career in ridicule and internal politics. She died a few years later and all her lab books and papers were lost in a Philadelphia Town Hall fire.
The final insult from the MS society was ironically that the MS society after saying MS was not caused by an infection , they wholeheartedly embraced the Virus-theory of MS as put forth by Rose's ex boss.
Dr. Rose Ichelson PhD should be honored much in the same way Rosaline Franklin (DNA) is honored with an annual science award for research.Why Philadelphia doesn't wake up and make a statue of her I don't understand.

https://molecularsolution.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/spirochetes-found-in-multiple-sclerosis-patients/ ( a list of numerous published studies on spirochetes and MS)

The above was copied from Thomas Grier Facebook post with his permission to share. (https://www.facebook.com/thomas.grier1 )

To learn more about the association of MS and other illnesses with Borrelia go to - Dr. Paul Duray Research Fellowship Endowment  https://durayresearch.wordpress.com/ 

with special attention to - https://durayresearch.wordpress.com/about-2/seven-provocative-findings-p5/

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