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Plan Lyme: Christian Perronne announces "a big step forward" for the sick

From La Montague on their front page  please go to this link ad translate to read the full article

extracts -
'The national protocol for diagnosis and care promised in the Lyme plan, launched in September 2016 by Marisol Touraine, then Minister of Health, will be unveiled in the coming weeks.For the patients as for the doctors, it will be "a big advance", promises professor Christian Perronne, specialist of the Lyme disease and member of the working group in charge of elaborating the new recommendations.'

'Since June, there have been new scientific references proving the existence of chronic Lyme disease, so I will insist on that. There are also known publications, which I did not highlight enough last year, and which show the persistence of clinical signs in many patients after the official three weeks of antibiotics. There are at least fifteen publications that find Borrelia bacteria in men who have received short-term treatment. All data overlap, so can not say that chronic Lyme does not exist.'

'there will be no maximum for the duration of an antibiotic treatment. It will be left to the discretion of the doctor. You can not set a maximum for the simple reason that there has been no research on Lyme for thirty years. We have no data, all the studies that have been done have been limited to three months. Now, we will be able to monitor patients, record practices, see what works best ... It was the goal of the working group, frame what is being done to try to evolve. Our approach is pragmatic, it leaves the door open ... And it suits me well.'

'"It is common not to see a 100% permanent cure," notes Professor Perronne. "We see people who always keep a little tired, we see others who resume a normal life, but who have seizures, more or less long, more or less regular.They are tired, they have disorders of the memory ... "It shows that the Borrelia is still there, even if it is under control".'

Thanks to Isabelle Vachias For this excellent article

Bravo France for leading the World in the treatment of Lyme Disease.
Heartfelt Thanks to Prof Christian Perronne for his dedicated work.
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