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Dr. Al Miller Lyme Disease Intro
Differential Diagnosis of Lyme & Borreliosis

Published on Apr 19, 2017
This is the introduction to my 4 part series on Lyme Disease.

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The above was shared by a friend Dana Parish with the following information -'Iwas surprised and delighted to receive a call from retired Mayo Clinic rheumatologist, Dr. Alfred Miller, last week. He wanted to tell me about his daughter-in-law, also named Dana, who was struck by ALS at age 43. He could not imagine this happening to this beautiful, healthy woman and started investigating. 

Upon researching, he discovered links between Lyme and ALS and had her tested. WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!! She was POSITIVE! Remember, though, he had her tested at a proper lab, IGeneX, and NOT Quest or Lab Corp, which miss approx 50% of cases!

So, all the "best" doctors in the world sent her home to die with no hope and no proper investigation into the CAUSE of her ALS. Those of us in the Lyme community are well aware that the Mayo Clinic is the LAST place you want to go if you have Lyme.

Dr. Miller began treating her aggressively with IV antibiotics and they halted the progression of her illness. This does not happen with "real" ALS. 

He began contacting his patients who he had previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory "auto-immune" arthritis and diseases and urged them to get properly assessed for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases known to cause these symptoms, like Bartonella. 

WHAT DO YOU KNOW!! Most of them had Lyme!!

I look forward to bringing you more from Dr. Miller soon. In the meantime, he is on a mission to educate doctors and patients about the ravages of this disease and his horror at the medical community's ignorance about it.

All Dr Miller's presentations are available on You Tube  

Thank you Dr Miller for having an open mind, after a lifetime in Rheumatology you were still willing to learn and seek out answers, but more importantly thank you for speaking up and sharing your experiences.

Singer/songwriter Dana Parish was involved in the recent Fox5NY News 
LYME & REASON which I posted about 

Thrilled to share that FOX 5 / Lyme and Reason Special won the Emmy for Best Science/ Health program, as presented by Dr. Oz.

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