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Published on Apr 13, 2016
Dr. Daniel Cameron discusses the shortcomings of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine which claims that long-term antibiotics are ineffective in treating persistent Lyme disease symptoms.

Thank you Dr Daniel Cameron for explaining this so well.

I had been interested to hear how this PLEASE trial progressed but very disappointed when I read the published report in the NEJM. 

My interest was specifically because Clarithromycin has been an antibiotic that has helped me recover from my Lyme Disease more than other antibiotics. It was especially helpful when combined with Hydroxychloroquine. (One of the combinations in the trial). However in my case I still very slowly relapse when antibiotics end and quickly improve on further short courses of clarithromycin. 

The only time I have been symptom free was after a recent stay in hospital with Gall bladder problems and a couple of days of IV ceftriaxone followed by a week oral co amoxiclav but once again symptoms slowly returned. 

Without a good Lyme doctor to guide me I wait in hope of results of better research findings than this PLEASE study.

For me for now the best Guidelines are how I respond to treatment.

The NEJM PLEASE study has been much talked about in the press but some of the more interesting comments are those from patients and their doctors who experience Chronic Lyme Disease - the responses to the article are worth a read 

David Michael Connor Huffington Post-

Holly Aherne Poughkeepsie Journal -

Oh! perhaps I should just give a link to the article that has been so poorly received by the Lyme community -

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