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Alzheimer's Disease
Studied with Autopsy demonstrates  that Infection by Borrelia Spirochetes
is regularly present in Autopsy Alzheimer's Disease brains. The Chronic Borrelia Brain Infection is a Cause of Alzheimer's Disease.

The Model  for  Dementia CAUSED by Chronic  brain Infections by Spirochetes is the conclusive Model of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi  who proved that Treponema Pallidum  late chronic Brain Infection is  THE CAUSE  of General Paresis 
[ Syphilis dementia]

21st century tools investigate infection by detection of microbe's DNA at the site of the Disease in human tissue.

DNA of Borrelia is Present in the following areas of the Alzheimer's Brain:
1.  All of the Alzheimer's Plaques
2.  Perfect Spirochetes (Borrelia) are seen under the fluorescent microscope
       in solid brain tissues, in Blood vessels of the Brain, and in the   Alzheimer's Plaques.
3.  All of the Granular bodies which are present in dying nerve cells in the     Alzheimer's Brain
        (Granulo-vacuolar Degeneration: {GVB Lesions]
Autopsy Brain, when placed in Laboratory Cultures produce pure Cultures of Borrelia spirochetes.

My present Research uses DNA Probes , specific for borrelia , to bind to  sites in diseased brain tissues, specifically Alzheimer's Disease Autopsy Brain tissues.

FISH methods (Fluorescence In Situ DNA Hybridization)-  in my research -  utilizes the BEST DNA PROBES available today, specifically Molecular Beacons.  The Molecular Beacons absolutely bind to Target Borrelia DNA ...
but only will bind to a DNA .. if There is a 100% match-
between TheMicrobe Borrelia DNA in diseased tissues - and the DNA structure in My  Molecular Beacon DNA Probes...
            If even a single Base (nucleotide "A"or"T" ,or"G", or "C") Mismatch exists, .. the 100% rule for Molecular Beacon Binding is Violated,.
and no signal will be released by the DNA probe.  A positive signal indicates that the 100% match rule for Molecular Beacon DNA Probe binding has been satisfied.  A Positive FISH Hybridization in Alzheimer's Brain,  is Bulletproof evidence of Borrelia infection - Visualized by the Fluorescent Microscope.
FISH Borrelia Probes Visualize ENTIRE Borrelia spirochetes - at the EXACT sites of Alzheimer's tissue injuries..

In a Series of  cases from the Harvard Brain Bank ,

         [from Alzheimer's Disease Brains]..
my Molecular Beacon DNA Probes bound to Borrelia DNA in ALL CASES STUDIED. (5/5)

The astonishing observation in my DNA probe studies on the Harvard Brain Bank Alzheimer's Disease Cases is the Discovery of not just One Borrelia,  But, Two strains of borrelia in five of five Alzheimer' s brains...
Two different   species of Borrelia spirochetes
(Burgdorferi and Miyamotoi)  were simultaneously present in the Alzheimer's Brain tissues, from Harvard.

The Discovery of Burgdorferi  in Alzheimer's Brain was FIRST published by me in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1986.  
I demonstrated Borrelia spirochetes from 4 cases obtained from Dr. George Glenner's Brain Bank at the UCSD SanDiego.
I succeeded in a total of 6 Alzheimer's Cases in the culture in the laboratory of Living Borrelia spirochetes from DEAD (Autopsy Brain) tissue., between 1986 to 1988. 
Subsequently, in year 1993,  Cultures for borrelia from Autopsy Alzheimer's disease  was again verified by Dr. Judith Miklossy, in Switzerland.

In year 2015, my research continues, with DNA probes specific for Borrelia DNa in Alzheimer's tissue. I request your support to extend my DNA Probe studies
to connect Chronic Deep Brain Infection with Borrelia Burgdorferi and Borrelia Miyamotoi in Alzheimer's patients. I want to extend my research to study the
Spinal fluid from living Donor patients with Dementia to detect Borrelia DNA in the spinal Fluid.

Early Detection of Borrelia Brain Infection offers the opportunity for the patient to be treated in the hope that ERADICATION of Brain and Spinal Fluid Infection, can Prevent the Development of Dementia.

I thank you for your support.  All of my research has always been FREE for All , and will remain Free for All.
None of my discoveries have been or ever will be patented .  No patient / volunteer will ever be charged for my research on their Behalf.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan B. MacDonald,MD
Fellow, College of American  Pathologists

8427 Benelli Court
Naples. Florida, 34114, USA

Note: Additional Video Lectures on my Alzheimer's Research  are FREEly available on You Tube and Vimeo.

My Website:

I have posted Images /Galleries of Borrelia spirochetes
under Fluorescent Microscopy  using my FISH method
and my Borrelia Specific DNA Probes:

Taken and shared from Dr MacDonald's Fund Raiser - raising funds for further research into the links between various Borrelia species and Alzheimer's.

Please give generously and share this fundraiser among your friends (also at this link Dr MacDonald has updated details and presentations on his important work)

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