Thursday, 16 August 2012


Well done to Voice America for this radio interview :- 

Lyme Disease Challenges for Family Caregivers and Family Members

An excellent  interview on Family Care givers unite - click here

 Jim Wilson, President and founder of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, is himself a victim of Lyme disease and the father of victims of Lyme disease. Janet Sperling is a trained entomologist whose 15 year-old son fell desperately ill. After months without a clear diagnosis, she and her husband confronted the possibility of Lyme disease. Jim and Janet discuss the serious challenges that Lyme disease creates for children, adults, family caregivers and families. They describe most important things that family caregivers, families, and family members should know about the disease, and where they can they find information about services and solutions for the challenges. They discuss communications with doctors which, they stress, should involve family caregivers giving information to doctors as well as family caregivers taking the advice of doctors. They identify the responses they want to see from healthcare systems and governments and they share their messages for family caregivers.

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  1. On the Voice America link to this interview there is the facility to e mail the editor with your comments. Please take time to do so - then they may get to understand how significant such a program can be. Internationally.