Wednesday, 6 June 2012


A series of papers on Bartonella are found at this link  here from North Carolina State University

Dr. Breitschwerdt has been working on Bartonella infection in animals and people. 

(Dr Breitschwerdt made an excellent presentation at the Institute of Medicine workshop link here  in 2010.)

These three latest articles raise many important findings and questions:-

difficulties culturing the bacteria.

30 different species -13 found to infect humans

finding Bartonella in patients with Chronic illnesses - migraines, seizures, Rheumatoid illnesses, endocarditis 

Bartonella is found in red blood cells making diagnosis and treatment difficult and possibly causing multi organ and multisystem illnesses.

It may have implications for the Blood Banks.

May be passed on by biting insects and ticks.

We need more research and better understanding from the medical community.

Go to the above link to read the full articles.

It is excellent to see this important work but no surprises to those Lyme Literate doctors who have been finding Bartonella infection in many patients diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease - just another infection in what is increasingly being recognised as a Multi-Sytemic Infectious Diseases Syndrome.

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