Monday, 14 March 2011


Lyme Disease in the news :-
The New Scotsman here
Case study: Diagnosed after two-year illness

Scotland on Sunday here
Warning as ticks carry disease south

The Press and Journal here
Tayside revealed as a Lyme disease hotspot as cases soar
visitors warned to take precautions against tick bites, which can cause condition

No surprises here then to those of us who take an interest in Lyme Disease here in the UK - The words seek and ye shall find come to mind.

The most significant thing in these articles I think was in the Press and Journal

Dr Darrell Ho-Yen, of Scotland’s Lyme disease testing service, warns that the number of cases could be as much as 10 times higher despite being a notifiable disease.
He said: “The figures do not take into account wrongly diagnosed cases, tests giving false results, sufferers who weren’t tested, people who are infected but not showing symptoms, failures to notify and infected individuals who don’t consult a doctor.”

I posted earlier on the statistics of Lyme Disease cases in UK here

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