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Lifting the Veil III conference http://www.aonm.org/ 

A few notes from the conference, a video will be available from the AONM website in a couple of weeks.

Dr. Judy Mikovits Keynote Speech: The Terrain IS Everything! Lessons Learned from Four Decades of Immune Therapy.

Taking Mystic and misconceptions away from chronic diseases.
Many patterns of receptors on cells which bacteria can affect.
Plasticity in Immune response not one thing and one end result, it is a gradient and a tipping point.
How Borrelia affects immune system.
We are not thinking of vaccines as immune modulators, we are just thinking of them as disease control.
Advances in technologies reveal unintended consequences of current vaccine strategy.
Infants  can't develop immune responses but may develop an immune deficiency until 3 years old.
Recommended reading http://www.amazon.com/Immune-System-Developing-Brain-Colloquium/dp/1615043519
Disease engines - sub clinical, microbial infection, oxidative stress, inflammation.
Chronic neuro diseases emerging in the last 4 decades as Acquired Immune Deficiencies.
Utilizing advances in technology to drive paradigm shifts in understanding of basic biology affords incredible opportunity to end suffering and restore quality of lives to millions worldwide.

Dr. Armin Schwarzbach Chronic Infections ­ Transmission within Families and the Consequences 
Dr Mikovits introduced Dr Schwarzbach saying he had diagnosed over 20,000 Lyme Disease cases.
Pathogen - infection- disease
2015 study - Germany Borrelia found in mosquitoes, also larva affected showing transmission.
Earlier studies found Borrelia in Horse flies.
1992 Deer Fly infected with Borrelia.
2015 Borrelia Miyamotoi could be transmitted by blood transfusion.
2014 Stricker study re sexual transmission may suggest yes but need more studies to be accepted.
2001 Dr MacDonald published In utero but there needs to be more data supporting this.
In utero transmission in dogs.
1995 Fetal outcome in murine Lyme Disease.
1991 Relative infective of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Lewis rats.
Some co infections
Bartonella - Fleas, Mosquitoes, sand flies
Babesia - blood transfusions
Rickettsia - very dangerous for heart
Coxiella Burnetii (Q fever) usually by inhalation also by tick bites.
Opportunistic infections:-
Herpes groups 1-6
Coxsackie virus
Are we too focused on Borrelia?
Are there other consequences of other infections within families to re infect?

Dr. Marjo Valonen Case Reports: Herbal and Nutritional Treatment Protocols in Lyme and Co­Infections
Treating herbals mainly in her clinic in Finland.
Used to use antibiotics and still does but more and more using herbals.
Describes it as a war fighting microbes.
Big part of our work is to rebuild
Discusses Horowitz MSIDS concept and likes to follow this.
Supplement plan includes
High quality nutrition
Vitamin C natural forms or liposomal
Fish oils
Discussed case studies. 
Uses Cowden plus other herbals repeating testing for Borrelia WB, Elispot, Cpn and other co infections.
Recommends TICKPLEX a new test http://www.tickplex.com/
link to the clinic Dr Valonen runs  http://www.astris.fi/laakarit/ 

Professor Malcolm Hooper 3 T(ear)s for PACE: Travesty of Science, Tragedy for Patients, Tantamount to Fraud 
Travesty of science
Tragedy for patients
Tantamount to fraud
Starts with Prof Wessley with Functional Somatic Syndrome in 1999
Abhors - Non specific symptoms, as if you look you can find symptoms.
Response is CBT and GET!
People are so fixated they have stopped thinking.
Discusses his involvement with GWvets, ME CFS Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which are all syndromes of uncertain origin, another word Neurasthenic or M.U.S multiple unexplained symptoms. These are words of ignorance!
Organic phosphate poisoning - farmers
Aerotoxic syndrome - TCPs jet engine oils - pilots and cabin staff worst affected ( described by doctors as hyperventilation!)
Gulf War vets 25-30% are sick - used pesticides malathion etc, nerve gas sarin, given Pyridostigmine bromide - triple whammies.
Then given vaccines and even non deployed got vaccines and they were also affected.
Government lies.
Response is PACE designed to validate CBT and GET
There was no objective measurement,  no blinding a sine quo non for subject data. Original entry requirement was changed and manipulated. Moving goal posts.
D Tuller has done lots of papers regarding PACE Trial by Error was published in three parts in Virology blog -   http://www.virology.ws/2015/10/21/trial-by-error-i/
NICE guidelines on ME are unfit for purpose

Dr. Joseph Jemsek Applying Common Sense and Lessons Learned in Lyme Borreliosis Complex
'Everything I have learned I have learned from patients'
Chronic relapsing or otherwise 'unexplained' encephalopathy ---arthritic and list of symptoms 
Jill Livengood 10 years ago found in all neuronal cells tested observed Borrelia Burgdorferi in all cells. - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17045505

Invasion of human neuronal and glial cells by an infectious strain of Borrelia burgdorferi.

70+ papers on persistence in human and animal models
Problem areas not enough treatment for Babesia and Biofilms.
Have to kill what comes out of bio films.
Chronic oxidative stress - chronic inflammation
Discussed limbic system with diagram
2003 Salazar et al found memory CD27 cells in Erythema migrans rashes indicating EM was not first exposure to the organism.
Listed various supportive treatments including Kefir, green tea, Yoghurt, coconut oil
Moles commonly found
Neurofibromas growth on nerves
Bone growth often associated with Bartonella

Dr. Alan MacDonald (via live video link from Florida) Chronic Borreliosis and Chronic Seronegative Lyme Disease ­ DNA Probes Solve a Diagnostic Conundrum
Dr Alan MacDonald's recent work finding Nematode worms in Multiple sclerosis MS patients spinal fluid and also finding Borrelia ( Lyme Disease) in the worms.

London Lecture May 15 2016 from Alan MacDonald on Vimeo.

A really excellent conference. Apologies for any mistakes I may have made in copying up my notes. 

I hope it encourages you to get the original presentations available shortly from AONM website 

Presentations now available 

Lifting the Veil I

Lifting the Veil II

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